Replacing vinyl wrap kitchen doors

Hey ozbargainers,

So the vinyl wrap on our kitchen doors had started to peel. For the life of me I can't find anywhere in Perth that can rewrap them, apparently it can't be done?

I know you can get them painted but the quotes I've had I feel I might as well replace all the doors but that just seems like a complete waste of the current doors.

What have ozbargainers done as I'm sure this is a pretty common problem?



    Had a similar problem, wrapped them in architectural vinyl from "Vvivid". Took a couple of days to get ~30 doors done and looks fantastic. Lasted for 4 years already with no signs of wear.

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    tried the people who do car wrapping?


      +1, Spandex is a vinyl supplier based in Malaga. Look up DC Wraps in Facebook to help with the install.


    Had the same problem. Simply peeled off the vinyl, and sanded the remaining glue spots. Painted with 2 undercoats (White Knight grip lock primer) and 2 top coats (Taubman's ultimate enamel alkyed based), using small hand brush and roller. Paint purchased from Bunnings, who mixed to match the colour with a small piece of vinyl we removed from the door. The painted door looks identical to the surrounding vinyl doors in all lighting conditions.


    Thanks for the tips. I might try the painting idea first as there's only really 2 drawers and 1 cupboard at present that need doing although I'm sure the rest won't be far behind.

    Malaga is just down the road as well to will check that out

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