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[PC, XB1, PS4] Borderlands 3 $60 @ Harvey Norman


Borderlands 3 - PC, XBox One & PS4

I'm pretty sure it's only $60 for today.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Wow the first real bargain I've seen from Gerry in a long time. That said, I'll be price matching at EB later today and getting those sweet sweet carrots lol.

  • That is a great price! That said I ordered 4 games in their $5 range nearing a month ago now and when I checked up on the order was told "This is normal, we are trying to source your items" Oh ok, haha. Would click and collect or price match for them ;)

  • Awesome price, thank you! Glad I had an early start at work today, click and collect stock for most stores in my area almost depleted already!

  • Amazon has price matched for PS4 and PC versions.

  • Nice work Gerry we still hate you tho

  • I'd rather give the extra $7 to Big W than deal with this lot.

  • Would EB price match even if there are no HN stores close? I remember it has to be local and in stock.

  • What's everyones experience with instore pickup for preorders? I preordered at $48, what's the chance I can pickup as soon as the store opens?

    • I have the same question. I pre-ordered from HN at $68 though, so hoping to get my $8 back :D Will call them once they open.

      • Ok so I didn't get an email for pickup confirmation but I went into the store anyways and asked. Turns out they already had it ready. Glad I didn't need to cancel and buy elsewhere

        • Your lucky, my store said they wont get it until next week.

          Cancelled and ordered through JBHIFI who price matched.

        • Made an order yesterday morning for pick up from the Ballarat store; order still listed as "processing".

          Crossing fingers that'll change today.

  • Noob question, disc version cannot be shared between 2 consoles right?

    • It can't be used by two consoles simultaneously. The disc can be used on two (or more) consoles but only the one with the disc in it will be able to play.

  • May try price matching at EB. Can get EB giftcard with 8% discount through Suncorp which would make it even cheaper.

  • Just walked into my local JB, asked for price match, they initially balked but soon got it for $60.

    • Yeah my JB always drag their feet when price matching. I exclusively do it at EB now. I went in to price match anthem when it was like $39 elsewhere, they told me they'd do it, but I then overheard the lady tell other staff not to price match it. Was very odd.

      Edit: this was probably a week or two after its launch lol.

      • Strange behaviour hey?
        I'm pretty sure they're gonna get a lot of HM price matching today, at least they know now lol.

        Overheard the bloke that balked say 'I've got a feeling they haven't updated their prices since it still says pre-order on the HM website', then their games dept honoured it.

    • Tried price matching at JB when I picked up my pre-order. They refused saying the HN version does not come with the Gold Weapons Skin pack therefore it is not the same product. The said they can refund me my $10 deposit so I could go to HN to buy it.

  • Can the PC one be activated via Steam at some point or only on Epic?

  • +2 votes

    shame its not quite as good as the 48 dollar deal, spewing i missed it.

    (and the amazon one)

  • I walked into JB Hifi to price match this deal. Was told by staff that they had to add delivery charges to it so making the price matched offer $65.95, even though I'm there buying it from the counter. Anyone had this issue ?

    • Maybe if your 50km from a HN but you are pricematching a instore price where there is no postage required. I know some places add postage if they are online only or interstate but JB to HN is BS

    • Friend got it from JB Melbourne Central and they priced matched $60

    • Guess it was due to staff error then :/ HN was just down the block. This was at JB Bourke St.

  • Picked up one. Funny that it includes the gold skin which supposed to be available for pre-order

    • I got one, too. I suspect it was inserted into all the discs sent out in the initial stock, irrespective of whether it was 'pre-order' or not, subsequent shipments likely won't have it.

    • I’ve never preordered before but would say 90% of games I have picked up around launch date come with the bonuses. Same with this one I just grabbed from HN. Was last one instore on PC and rest of WA seems to be out.

  • Yep sticker price said $78 but went through for $60

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    No stock anywhere is QLD. Preordered 2 copies back when they $48. Went into the aspley store to collect and was told they had no stock and had no idea when they would have stock. Disgraceful.

    • Cancel pre order and price match at JB or EB Games. EB were happy to price match as Harvey Norman is 300m away from the store.

    • Have gone ahead and placed a cancellation request too. Disgraceful not having stock for such a big release.

  • Just a note that HN castle hill had mates rates for additional 10% off.

    Didn’t pop up at the register but convinced the cashier to override. Got it at $54 x 2 PS4. Had some copies left for PS4 and XBone

  • picked mine up friday night after getting JB HI FI to price match, preferred not to give HN any business.

    played Saturday, its decent though a fair few bugs on a wide screen, (3840*1080) bit disappointing for such an inflated game to have basic bugs.

    much the same as borderlands 2 and the pre-sequel though… but thats fairly good they havent changed a winning formula…

  • Ordered the PC edition but had a message of delay? Anyone else? Now the PC is not even on the website.

    • yep.. "back ordered"

      • THey just cancelled mine which im assuming others would be as well but the PS4 and Xbone still available.

        • Super confusing. I got a shipment notification with a tracking number this morning. Then I got this generic mass cancellation for pc copies email just now as well.

          Wonder which is correct?

          Never again HN.

        • yup mine was cancelled today as well. email says Epic has discontinued the PC version and stocks were exhausted.

          i rang my local HN to double check stock but they never got any stock at all.
          i was told while they can see some stores apparently have stock, they're all taken by orders and therefore cannot transfer one.
          e.g one store had 11 copies but 16 orders.

          cannot find another PC version except for digital codes only
          and unfortunately my local EB refuses to honour the HN pre-order price as HN no longer have stock.

          edit: scratch that - epic store is $60 USD

          debating whether to wait 6 months and see what steam price is.
          would it be any cheaper than the $60-80 AU at EB etc?

  • Got the cancellation email, bought an online key and then they delivered a copy on Monday.

    Time to try and get a full refund from bloody harvey norman.