"No one will want to install Epic Game Store for Borderlands 3," I thought. "There will be so much excess stock."

Oh BOY was I wrong. In my state, it's out of stock for PC at ALL Harvey Norman's, JB's, (most) EB's, and even Amazon.

It looks like both retailers and I massively underestimated the demand because of the vocal minority of Gamers^(TM).


  • There was never any doubt it would sell well. Why wouldn't it with the hype and previous game popularity. Even CoD's rehashes sell. There's certainly a user base that will wait for it to come out on Steam though they're dwarfed by others that don't care/know. It's no different to microtransaction whales vs the outcry.

    Also, you don't know the original stock levels. They might have 1,000 units each only… Usually local JB Hifi World Square has rows and rows of game boxes behind the counter for pre-orders release, they didn't have many on Thursday night (before 10PM release) at all so not surprised sold out quick.

  • The EB I went to only had 2 PC units delivered (excluding any preorders).

  • Cringe

  • yeah no one does want to install that crap, but people do want to play borderlands 3.

  • Not many people who play PC would go into a store and purchase the PC edition of a game. If they were serious, they would buy it online. Either via a third party cd-key seller or from the shopfront directly (in this case Epic) and then pre-load the game and play it on release.

    Why go and buy a PC game from EB Games when all it would be is a cd key telling you to download Steam/Origin/Uplay/Epic and then activate the key.
    The only reason you would do it is to save money.

    • Or collection purposes. Not sure if pc players like the idea of a physical case collection, but there's a market for it with Switch titles coming as codes in a box

      • That's true. I used to have a stack of pc cases but chucked them when I realised that it's quicker for me to download the game than install it off DVD and also its in my steam library so it doesn't need to take up physical space.

        I think console games look better as a collection. With pc games basically all of the cases are different and unique so it doesn't blend well when all put together.