Recommendation for after Market MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

Hi all, I am looking for a recommendation for after market battery replacement for my 13" unibody MacBook Pro mid 2010. It is the A1278 model.

The original one swollen two years ago and I got a replacement from BetterBatt. Now it is swelling again and I need a new one.

I guess my option is either to get another one from BetterBatt or elsewhere.

BetterBatt has it for $53 + shipping and 400 days warranty.

iFixIt has it for $72 + shipping and 1 year warranty (I think)

eBay (many sellers I think sell the same product) $35 shipped and not sure about the warranty probably none. has it for $78 + shipping with 3 years warranty but I have read negative feedback about them. Shipped from China though they say it is local stock. I don't know how easy it is to deal with warranty claim.

Has anyone got any recommendation? Thanks.



      i bought one of these batteries from ebay as well. worked for about 2 seconds then never again. paypal refund.

      ended up paying more from macfixit and it's been working fine for me.


    Are they really genuine Apple?

    Found this in the description:

    New APPLE Original Battery, with very minor scratch

    I am not sure what does it mean with the minor scratch.


    Can't speak for macbook batteries specifically but bought TG5 camera spare batt and charger from betterbatt. No issues and staff very willing to answer any questions, this was pre-buying though.


    Just out of curiosity, did you contact betterbatt about the swelling? Wondering what their response was.


      Yes and was very good response. They sent me a replacement. I have received it and fit it in. So far so good.

      I have experienced the macbook turned off when the battery was showing at 40% but probably it will get better as I cycle through (hopefully). I have not used the macbook much since.

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