Pixel Density Dropping in New Model

Anyone noted the phone screen pixel density has been dropping recently with every release of a new model?

Although the sales person has been saying it won't make any difference for the human eye, but i still think galaxy s8 is sharper than a note 10? And mate 20 pro wins hands down with screen sharpness so far.

The screen has been getting bigger and larger screen time body ratio, but they managed to decrease pixel density, sounds like a weird strategy?


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    It won't make any difference for the human eye.


    So what your asking for is to have 4k on note 10 or 10 plus phone screens just so they can keep increasing the pixel density as screen get bigger.

    Obviously to the detriment of battery life.

    Heck even the note 10 plus is 1080p out the box.

    As for the note 10 it's a 1080p screen only.

    S8 (5.8") and mate 20 pro (6.39") is 1440p


    You're not really comparing apples to apples, and have a very shallow understanding of whole situation in terms of 'strategy'.


    On these top tier phones the display technology is so good that they should look good even if they had a relatively low resolution. Bigger is better but you probably won't even notice if it's still a good display.


    The race for pixel density has sort of stopped now as people nowadays prefer a phone with longer battery life anyway.


    Pixel density doesn't matter as much as screen brightness (nits), black levels (contrast ratio) and colour accuracy.

    I've had WQHD phones for a while now but I've always set them to render at 1080p simply due to the fact that my eyes just can't see the difference between FHD+ and WHQHD. I guess that would matter if I used my phone with Google Daydream or Samsung VR.


    Companies start to realize that 4k res on 6" screen is a waste since you can't tell the difference. Plus it just drain more battery.


    For some reason when I place my s8 set at 1080p next to the note 10, the differenves in screen sharpness is too easy to tell, perhaps it's the panel that's hugely different between the 2.

    Or I just like my s8 too much.


      The s8 screen is 5.8" while the note 10 is 6.3"

      Ofcourse 1080p will be stretched out more on a note 10.


    The S8 and S8+ have WQHD+ display whereas the standard Note 10 only has FHD, the Note 10+ and 10+ 5G have WQHD+ and have newer panels, not surprising the image is sharper on the S8, doesn't necessarily mean it is better quality though.


      No. What jeff9999 is saying is why the s8 look better at 1080p than a note 10 at 1080p also.

      Well what makes the difference is screen size.

      The note 10 is .5 of an inch bigger. So 1080p is blown out thus making it look less sharper.


    So after much digging around, I decided to go with mate 20 pro, simply because I feel the screen is the single most important factor of any similar spec phone, it's the only thing we see and interact with 99% of the time with the device.

    The s pen will be greatly missed.

    Comparing the difference in prices, 1045 for note 10, < 800 for huawei, it's close.


    I had a Sony z5 premium a few years back with the 4k screen. At no point of ownership did I think, "you know what, this shit battery life is definitely worth the 4k resolution in a 5.5in screen"


    my S8 battery life with WQHD could last me most of the day from 6am to 6pm, that's for my usage scenario, I am hoping the mate 20 pro with larger battery should last me a bit longer.


      I take back my words.

      Just noted my 3yo s8 is shutting down at 12% battery remaining.

      Real sad it's my favourite phone so far.


        Bad luck ends in 3. So my brand new mate 20 pro I bought from Ebay fastcomm, the screen died after 1 week of normal usage, i haven't even finished setting up the phone! :(

        The screen first started flashing green in the morning, then it died completely in the afternoon.

        What's worse is all my personal photos and documents is now inside the phone, without a screen I couldn't even reset the phone to return it to the seller for refund. A mechanical hard reset also required interaction with some command on the screen after long pressing the button. Lol.

        In the end I use android.com/find to reset my device, and refer to online picture of the emui interface and try to press in the same location of my dark screen to unlock the phone so it can be reset. Luckily I had haptic key feedback turn on so at least I know press on something on the dark screen.

        Now finger crossed the seller will accept my return for a full refund. :(

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