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Help! I am a DJs card member I shopped online through the Shopback app in the DJs store. I had signed in to my account checked my address etc. I wanted the extra 10% off for members. I could not paynthere was no option only the total. I tried both on my iphone and ipad.I had to pay before midnight. Very frustrated. Any advice? I left a facebook message and tweeted on the DJs account. My basket is sitting there with all the goodies.

16/09 UPDATE: Rang DJs Customer Care waited 15 minutes to be put through. Sheepishly was advised that the checkout can't handle more than10 items! I should have shopped in batches. As some items most probably click n collect. Put on hold while team member had to ask his team what to do?! Now have to take at least 10 screen shots of all my 42 items, upload to Messenger so a Social Media person can assign a case number and personal shopper. Some of my items are already unavailable. Next step unknown. Welcome to David Jones Online Twilight Zone!!

17/09 Saga continues….Pathetic response after uploading 10 pages (ipad only copied 4 items at a time) screenshots of my 42 items & providing details, got response redo your order 15 batches at a time. No case number or personal shopper assistance, or extra10 off as promised. Original order took me a few hours to plod thru selecting sizes, colours etc. So I rang back CC again, no help at all had to explain again, he spoke so fast, so cranky, threatened to hang up on me as didn't like my tone I mentioned understanding all the bad reviews. He had no idea about DJs Social media (has no authority check my FB messages to DJs) now tells me to email explanation, attach all screenshots- someone may help! Apparent there is no protocol, procedures or DJs user friendly online shopping. Hmmm-Why do I have a Amex DJs Platinum card with $250 annual fee!?

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    Call them up and ask for the 10% off difference when you receive your goods. DJs claim their IT is working on fixing it (these Card Member offers when you sign in never work for me and I've already complained to them), but if they were, we wouldn't have this thread today.

    They'll be further reduced in a few weeks' time if you think the items won't sell out in your size.

    Disclosure: I worked for DJs for almost eight years, some years on the same floor as IT …

    • To add: Don’t think they’ll give it to you today if you didn’t buy it prior to midnight this morning …

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      Yes, the failure to get the cardmember bonus is another website flaw. Had it happen to me before.

      I've always been curious whether they built this website in house or outsourced it? Regardless, the team that did it should have been fired! I cannot understand how they got it soooo wrong. The logic and code is total broken!

    • When you were working at DJs, did you and other colleagues ever discuss how crap the website was, or was that forbidden? Was there some sort of internal website mechanism, or people couldn't be bothered?

      Sometimes, I do wonder if DJs has spent enough money on IT, or that the programmers were really that incompetent.

      • Definitely not forbidden (to customers yep). Management don't care.

        I only lasted four months post-new website before I resigned (a good chunk of my role revolved around the online store and it was heaps infuriating dealing with the issues when it first launched in May, seven months behind schedule) and made sure to slam IT in my exit survey. I wanted to mention that my resignation was due to poor IT infrastructure but I was advised not to write that haha.

        Sometimes, I do wonder if DJs has spent enough money on IT, or that the programmers were really that incompetent.

        Well apparently part of the $317 million they received from Westfield for selling Market Street to them was supposed to be for IT. Doesn't seem like it. Plus a lot of IT staff resigned from the company as they didn't want to move with the company down to new head office in Melbourne (this was around the same time the current website was due to launch).

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    On a positive note, your online order was probably not going to be fulfilled anyway. Saved yourself a week waiting for a refund.

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    Usually if you can't get to checkout and you are just stuck on the cart page with a total, it means one or more of the items in cart is out of stock. You can try removing items one by one until you find the culprit.

    Their whole website is a disgrace. It's nothing to do with Shopback. Just terrible DJs website design and they've lost a lot of potential sales as a result.

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    This has nothing to do with ShopBack. Call up your local David Jones and ask for "Online Customer Service". They will sort it out for you

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    Ahahaha omg I thanks for your update. It's so bad you just have to laugh. They don't want people buying more than 10 items! WTF! And this is the "new" website launched only about 18 months ago. It is this shit that will sink DJs.

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