Tablet 10" for Elderly Relative for around $250

I'm looking for an affordable 10" tablet for an elderly relative. Mostly for Facebook, youtube, watching movies, looking at pictures, very light internet use. Preferably with reasonable battery life so it can be used on the plane. Refurbs are okay, any suggestions welcome.



    so it can be used on the plane.

    Elderly relative takes a lot of flights? O_o

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    Samsung Tab A 10.1

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    Possibly, you can get a refurb iPad2. but don't hold your breath on that. they tend to hold their value.

    Definitely aim for the Samsung Tab A 10.1/10.5/11" (2016/2017) models, you can often find them for $200-$300 ish.

    The benefit of the local warranty models is, easier to find case/accessories, HD Netflix support and regular security updates.

    But, you can import Singapore/HK/US/Chinese models if the postage and forex conversion works.

    There are also plenty of 'cheap' chinese variants to look at,

    the Huawei and Teclast/Chuwi models, and the oddball Lenovo/Sony tablets with Android 8.0, 2/3GB RAM, quad/hex core, TFT panels instead of IPS, and 4G (sort of), can often be found for travelling/international browsing i.e. Dual Sim tablets, etc.

    If you want new, the Teclast M30 is … $250 or so new,

    or the Chuwi Hi9 Plus for a similar price.

    YMMV on what you want to compromise on, since the battery is going to be weaker, and browsing relies on 3-4GB RAM to deal with the larger screen, sic. You can deal with 2GB models, but expect there to be other compromises such as the screen response, poor brightness/contrast, language/conversion issues, sic.

    Check reviews for new tablets on


      Does the Tab A now do 1080p Netflix? I had problems previously because it wasn't a verified device. It played Netflix in 720p tops.

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    Telstra Enhanced Tablet 10.1". Just under $100 plus $9.99 P&P

    They are refurbs but I purchased one recently and it's unmarked and works as good as a new one.

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    Don’t do it unless your prepared to turn into an it help desk 24/7. We got the elderly in laws a lap top and tablet so they can skip relatives and we get phone calls re problems a couple of times a week, every week


      I already have to do that with their smartphone. At least they should be able to read the screen better with this (fingers crossed).

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    Samsung tab A 10. You can usually get them new for that price.

    What do they have now if anything??

    Also get them a large 20000mAh power pack for travel. Or if they’re happy to buy it assist with finding one.

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