Firewood - Does The Season Affect The Price?

Random question but I wonder what people think is the best time to buy firewood - middle of summer or middle of winter? Or does it just not care?

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    Does not Matter


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    What happened to spring and Autumn?


    It takes a couple of years to dry so it isn't a fast turnover item by any means. Price wouldn't fluctuate seasonally.


    How much to people pay?

    And for what type of wood?

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      Whatever you do, don't buy from some guy on facebook or gumtree - they without fail will deliver far less than what you pay for. I've even seen 2m3 delivered as 1m3. Many people can't tell the difference when it's spread all over your drive. Some of these dodgy sellers also give you wood that's been eaten by white ants and it burns like paper almost haha.

      It can be okay if you can go and pick it up or view it stacked on a ute or something.

      Otherwise, buy wood with a weighbridge ticket.


        This is actually a pretty solid tip.

        We sell split, seasoned redgum for $280/tonne, which is outright the cheapest you'll find in our area… Yet there's adds on ScumTree and FB market offering "bins" of wood for $150, and people think that's a better deal (you'll get about 300ish kg's wood in a bin).


    Pricing from the supplier will usually go up every year (well, it has the last 4 years), the year before last, there was a shortage, so the price increased twice in one season. If you were to get it between seasons, you might miss the increase for the year to follow, PLUS if you have it over the warmer months, it will continue to season and dry further (although, obviously you'll lose some weight here). It wouldn't make much more than $10ish/tonne difference though… If you have the space, go for it, but it's not going to save you huge dollars.


    Where I'm from (rural Vic), if the cutter has to go out into the paddock in Winter, their access to the good wood can be limited by rain getting their vehicle bogged. The wood doesn't necessarily cost more, but there's a greater chance of better quality.

    A cubic metre sells for about $130.00 (redgum, yellowbox, sugar gum).