Exetel Increasing Prices Again, Alternative Suggestions?

So the in-laws, currently on Exetel's 50/20 500GB @ $59.95 just got an email saying price will increase by $6 next month.

Last month, 50/20 unlimited was $64.95, but has also increased to $69.95 now. Noticed they've also dropped their minimum guaranteed speeds to 40mbps.

Exetel have a $40 4G wireless 250GB plan but I'm guessing it's going to be pretty crappy especially during peak times (and is 12/1, but if could provide that speed consistently might get away it). Interested to know if anyone has experience with this plan?

Anyway, always good to vote with our feet, though doesn't seem to be a lot of value options under $60 these days. Don't really need more than 250GB and 25mbps.

Alternatives that might work at Kogan 25/unlimited @ $57.90 or ABB 25/250GB @ $59 and can keep their landline number. What do you guys think? Worth switching down for the 7 or 8 bucks saving?

(On a side note, also see their $8.99 2GB/unlimited txt/calls mobile plan is gone and reverted to the $9.99 1GB/300 minutes. Sucks as was planning on switching to it once my current plan expired)

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    If you are interested in 4G wireless and have a way to limit your data usage to 250GB (excess charges for data usage over 250GB), this might be better value than the exetel deal as the speed is not limited. https://www.jeenee.org.au/products/data-sims-2/. A 4G modem isn't provided so you would need to buy one


      Thanks. Top speed isn't so much the issue though, more worried about the congestion during peak times and still looking at $60 a month plus modem.

      Previously they were on a 12mb/100GB plan which was working fine for them but they got a tv box to stream the foreign channels and started going over quota. I think it's only SD quality streams so even at 12mb was coping but 25mb would be nice as a buffer.

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    $55/month for 30Mbps unlimited data, 12 month plan, $20 referral credit, $80 mobile credit


      I've not seen anyone offer a speed tier outside of the NBN-standard 12,25,50,100mbps brackets. I assumed that these were wholesale'd and provisioned by NBN themselves. Any idea how they have access to a 30mbps tier, or did i misread how the system worked?


      Cheers for that, didn't come up in my search for some reason.

      Looks good on paper, though the comments don't seem to be kind on them. Might be ok for the in-laws needs though.

      Have to see how attached they are about keeping their landline number. I think they are slowly convincing everyone overseas to switch to communicating by WhatsApp etc though.


      I just canceled my order! They were bloody shocking (couldn’t churn me from Telstra after 35 days). So disappointing and my Telstra plan has gone up in the meantime. No explanations why it was taking so long


    Both Exetel and spinel have $40 wireless plan. Does anyone know if they lock the sim to the modem?


    Even my brother's Exetel ADSL2 went up by a whopping $5! I see a mass exodus.

    He was tossing up moving to NBN at roughly the same price previously. Guess he's missed the boat!


    I'm locked in to Exetel … so no price increase :) … but would have liked one for me to escape them :(

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