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LEGO Advent Calendars (Friends, City, Star Wars) $39 Each Delivered @ Amazon AU


I noticed Myer had 20% off LEGO and it includes the new 2019 advent calendars, so I checked Amazon and they have price matched, so $10 off each one. They sometimes go down to $34 but otherwise if you want to be safe this is a good deal. Includes LEGO City, friends, Star Wars but not Harry Potter.

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  • Looks like all $39 @ Kmart too, with HP being $45

    • Most of our local stores are low or out of stock our way. Was in Myer Chadstone yesterday but was not aware of 20% off Lego or probably would have purchased then … several advent calenders there were $49.

      Bought SW one on AmazonAU with free shipping.

  • $36.99 at costco if you have a membership which includes harry potter

  • Didn't know such thing exist till now. Thanks.

  • thanks op

  • David Jones has 25% off at the moment

  • Last year's Friends one looks way better than this year.

    • Agreed. I've got Friends for the past 4 or 5 years and this one looks pretty lean compared to the previous years and even the City, Star Wars and Harry Potter offerings. What's the go with just one minifigure? All the others have 7 or 8, and the other accessories look pretty meager too…

  • The best deal is when they are clearing them out for $15 after Christmas.

    Also Gotta say - this year's friends is better than last years. Looks like there's a mini doll included in this years.

  • Can I assume that this is all Lego calenders this year, or are they still in the process of releasing them?

    The City one looks so boring and my son wouldn't be very interested in the friends one. He's too young to know Harry Potter or star wars. Wish there was a super hero one, or even a Lego movie one or something.

    • Pretty sure that's all.

      I don't know why there isn't a Marvel one - that would be pretty cool.

      Personally I think all the calendars are GREAT.

    • Did see plenty of Lego Movie 2 Lego sets when I was there yesterday, but just no Advent calenders. The Lego Shop had quite a good selection of Lego Movie 2 sets also.

      The thing about these Advent calenders is that each set has one unique item, cannot be bought anywhere else, so often sought after by collectors. (I have bought each years Star Wars set for son since they started … so difficult to stop the collection now. Each year Santa is different in the Star Wars sets. This year it is the Porg).

      You may be able to find a previous "City" year version on ebay etc. though for a better price, better figures etc. There is no identifying "year" on these advent calenders, so children should not be concerned.

      But this year have only seen Star Wars, Friends, Harry Potter and City. Pretty sure they don't bring out any more than that.

    • Each year: City, Friends and Star Wars.
      Harry Potter has only been this year and going way back there was a Kingdoms (castle) one.

      Lego movie 2 sets bombed (big discounts everywhere) so won't be anything more there.

  • Was going to get the HP one if it was all minifigs, but it's not… what do you do if you only collect those? I feel there's a slippery slope if we buy a kit XD

    • Note that the minifigs in these advent calendars are quite unique to them (nowhere else you can get a Santa porg than with SW advent calendar) so if you are collecting a particular theme this is the only way to get them … or Ebay of course.

      If you are collector minded and buy the Harry Potter one this year you will feel obliged to buy one every year!

      Ps. Regular themed minifigs are usually about $10 each and you are expecting 24 for $39.