Xbox Games from Other Regions

Hi all,
Was wondering if anyone knew if there was a still working way to purchase xbox games from other regions stores. I'm wanting to get FIFA20 and have seen that some people have had success getting it from argentina, which is significantly cheaper, however I've had no luck yet.
Thanks in advance for any help


  • Here is the Whirlpool wiki
    and here is the Whirlpool thread

    I did it a few years ago to purchase Forza Horizon 3. Purchased $60 worth of Singapore cash in the xbox store, then used that to buy FH3. Needed a VPN to do it and it did take a while due to weird errors along the way.

    Just read through the thread first and it'll give you an idea of what to do.

    • Thanks man. I’ve tried this but kept getting error processing payments. Guess I’ll keep on trying or just suck up local prices

  • FIFA20
    which is significantly cheaper

    How much cheaper?

    Standard is $2399 in Peso which is about $61. Local store pricing (like JB) is around AUD$69.

    • You can get the ultimate edition for $84aud. I play it a bit too much so the three day early access is the most tempting part

  • Speaking about FIFA 20 . How much is it with ea access? Or is it cheaper to get it at the store? Will it be realised tonight 12am to download?

    • 10% off with ea access which I think should start tonight

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