New House & Land - House Tender Contract


Does anyone know if the following are standard in a new house and land package tender:

/We hereby acknowledge that in the event that the file does not progress to construction by 25/02/2020, a price increase of $1,000 for Single Storey or $1,250 for Double Storey per month will be applied to cover the increase in building and material costs.

N-8 No allowance has been made for any Council Damage Bonds that may be required. Should the council request any bonds to be paid, this is to be the responsibility & cost of the client

Would you put in roof sarking?
Should the Client wish to add Roof Sarking to the underside of Roof Tiles to this preliminary estimate - $1403.78 GST Inclusive.




    I recently built a house with Porter Davis, I don't recall reading any such condition.


      thanks Paul, is that to all of the above or one or the other?


        There was nothing about "file does not progress" in my contract. Although, I signed my contract after my land was titled and after getting a conditional approval for my "Construction Loan".

        I am not sure at what stage you are? Some people like to pay little deposit like ($2-3K) to builders well in advance, to lock in prices for 6-12 months. In those cases builders can add in this clause.


          OP is talking about a tender, in which the first clause is fairly standard because the tender is based on current costs/prices.

          I think you're talking about the actual building contract, which for OP would be the next step.

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    In some areas sarking is required in building code, so you wouldn't need to pay extra.

    But in any case I would recommend sarking, I have had bad experiences by not having it.

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    You’re crazy not to have roof sarking, Building code suggests that any rafter over 6m in length requires it. So check your plans and check whether it should be included anyway.

    Good info here:

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    All standard for future titled land. Sarking is a must though. Not a very good builder of they don't include as standard.

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    Recently built in nsw, sarking was compulsory. A lot of building regulations come from your council.
    Sounds like your price is locked in for 6 months, before a price hike this is standard. Remember there is a 3 week shut down period over Xmas, so you have about 5 months to get things sorted…..get cracking !

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