Help a Noob with Credit Cards, Points etc.

Hi guys,

So I'm in my mid-twenties (married with a wife and kid), and was thinking about starting to get into Credit Cards.
I'm specifically looking for a card that won't cost me a fortune per year, gives a nice points welcome bonus, and has good rates per spend. Lounges and Travel insurance are extras that would suit me also :)

Considering I have family and friends overseas, I do travel often. Obviously, this will start becoming very expensive as I have to bring the family along too :) So points are very important.

I have a couple questions:
1) Most Credit Card seem to have a minimum salary requirement of $30k+, which is more than I am currently earning. Do people not earning enough simply make up information in order to get these cards? And are there any risks involved?

2) Is there any reason why I can't also sign my wife up to a card?

3) One of the cards I was looking at (Qantas Premier Platinum) requires a $1,500 spend per month. I don't believe I spend so much every month. My biggest expense is rent, which is paid via BPay, and as far as I've read, that doesn't count. Any advice or tricks how to each the threshold every month?

4) How many points would a single ticket to the UK cost? And how much $ do you still have to pay?

5) Finally, which card would you recommend?

Thanks very much in Advance!



    1) The information you supply on an application gets verified, you can make it up, but expect to be able to provide financials to back up what you declare

    2) Additional Card holder? Ask which ever bank you go ahead with

    5) credit_card_guide


      Thanks for your reply.

      2) Was asking this as I would want to sign her up too - to get the bonus points for her also.. :)

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    1) Yes, their is probably risks entering into a legal contract by being dishonest about your income… Several credit cards will ask for you to provide documentation/proof of income. Though if your earning less than 30k a year your probably not suited for a credit card.

    2) None what so ever, both my wife and myself signed up with Amex when they had a 100k velocity points and free annual flight offer before cancelling the card 11 months later. Your wife will need to meet the minimum requirements herself to get the card as well

    3) I think their is a company that will allow you to pay your rent via credit card but you will induce a fee associated with it. Though if you have a wife and child how are you spending < $1500 a month?!?

    4) Changes wildly based on airline, a quick google search will take you to Qantas's website which will calculate it for you and advise any fees

    5) Which program you after? Qantas? Virgin Velocity? Krisflyer? Which airlines do you frequently fly?

    People who do well with frequent flyer points frequently churn their credit cards (signup, get bonus, cancel credit card, move to next card). This has drawbacks because it is all stored on your credit file and if your doing it to much it can affect your ability to borrow down the line.

    I suggest you go to and do some reading


    Spending incentive programs typically result in the users losing more money than they gain as their spending increases without their awareness.

    As an individual you have no way of ascertaining if your behavior is changed.

    We live in a nation of people controlled by advertising and spending incentive programs. Almost none of them believe they are being controlled despite the profits of various businesses indicating otherwise.


    Don't get a Credit Card.
    In the long run, you're better off saving money, investing, and using from your own collection rather than borrowing.

    I think the only justifiable reason to get a Credit Card might be to try and boost your credit score. But even that's probably not a good reason anymore cause I'm pretty sure, that credit scores aren't a thing like the way they used to be. I'm sure some more knowledgeable people can chime in, but banks aren't as lazy anymore and just look at your credit score. Before they give you a loan, they make the judgement based on the combination of your assets, your owings, your income, and your expenditure. And the only loans worth getting really are mortgages, since business loans are usually finicky, and car/personal loans have high interest.

    PS: As others have said, don't bother with rewards programs. They don't work/help, and usually cost you more money.


      Don't get a Credit Card.
      In the long run, you're better off saving money, investing, and using from your own collection rather than borrowing.

      That depends on the situation.

      Amex for example, their annual fees are effectively offset by a travel credit.

      Credit cards can be very powerful in accessing large amounts of money instantly if you can manage your cash well.

      Also large points sign up bonuses can be great incentives as well.

      Just don't pay interest by ensuring you can pay off the amount.
      Or, if for whatever reason you can't, make sure it's worth the 21% P.A. interest you have to pay

      For this OP though, mid twenties with a wife and kid, under 30K income..

      I recommend signing up for a HSBC Global Debit card for 2% cash back for paywave transactions under $100, $2k deposit required per month, $50 total cashback per month (equiv of $2500 monthly spend)


    I think Coles was minimum 25.000 per year and it may have an extra flybuys point per dollar at Coles. I am just taking out their contents insurance, they are giving me a bonus 5,000 flybuy points, plus an extra flybuys point per dollar spent at Coles. Also the premium for that was very cheap for me, much cheaper than my last company

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    You earn less than 30k and have a wife and kid?

    Please just don't.

    A credit card is not for you.

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    I agree with the other commenters.

    A points earning credit card is not meant for someone earning less than $30K per year.

    Points earning credit cards require a large amount of spending (which does not include rent) to obtain the bonus points.

    Points earning credit cards often have annual fees attached to them, which you cannot afford on such a low income.

    Focus on getting a higher paying job instead. Come back to the credit card game when you earn $80K+ per year.


    I have no credit cards but I use Qantas Travel card and Velocity Global wallet to stack up points (they are fee free debit cards) I am stacking up the points without a credit card this way, also I am in Qantas Health Insurance and wellbeing rewards app, plus earn points from above card partners and offers


    Bankwest have a transaction account where you earn Qantas points daily on your balance, credited monthly, plus 5 points per eligible transaction, no monthly fee if you deposit 2,000 a month, otherwise $6. I just joined but will have to weigh up several other choices I have


    Based on being under $30k that eliminates you from getting most of the good credit card features that require a set income amount. They will ask for proof of your income either during or after you apply. Don't risk ruining your credit score for the sake of some benefits that might not be worth it.

    I'd recommend the same as the poster above - Bankwest Qantas transaction account to earn points.

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