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Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $319.20 + $20 Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Sony WH-1000xm3 for a nice price.

You know they're good. So go get 'em

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  • I have the XM2's and love them but wouldn't say it would be worth my while getting the XM3's.

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      At this price if you want the best ANC performance it's worth it.

    • USB C is worth the upgrade, sell your old cans.

      The reason being all my other things are usb c, so carrying less cables overall would be better.

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  • Delivery excludes Tas?! :(

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    Any news on the M4?

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      Wasn't announced at IFA, so probably will be 2020 at the earliest.

      • Yep. No way it's coming until next year now.

        • Might get shown at CES in January in Las Vegas.

  • So tempted.

    So sick of losing wireless earbuds.

  • No longer available?

  • +2

    Alot of greedy people buying many at a time.

    • Yeah, what is with multiple people buying 6-10 units at a time? reselling them on marketplaces?

      • One for each day of the week.

        Or resell.

  • Too quick!

  • Current Qantas points deal on the Sennheiser PXC550 atm got my attention so pulled the trigger.

    • How much? Would hope they are dirt cheap as they are so old

      • Yeah and they just released the Momentum 3's as well as the PXC550ii's.

        • Yea but right now they are a complete rip off hey…. Barely improve anything and they ask more than most headphones.

          • @onlinepred: Momentum 3's are actually pretty good, I heard then for a little while and they sound nicer than my XM3's. I really want to try the Beyerdynamic Lagoons. Price is still too damn high though.

            • @Jasonissm: Yea a work colleague got the lagoons. They sound really good, almost like my DT770's, and the battery life is really incredible. The things that we didn't like, were the plastic build (which actually broke within warranty at the swivel point of one of the cups) and also it literally just stops randomly and you have to turn if off and on again. No fixes for this yet. They have loads of really handy features though, some (like the lighting) isn't super intuitive, but still very fun.

              I ended up with H9i, I prefer them as a commuter can (I don't use ANC) as they are significantly higher build quality and materials used, and just work. Mic/call quality is about the same for both, recipients said I sounded further away on the Lagoon but not by much.

              In the end it's down to price and sound preference. I got H9i for $440 off gumtree, you can get them for $480 off kogan. Although at $599, there is no competition between lagoon and M3, no competition at all. The only cans M3 is better than are the XM3/QC35/Bose 700.

              I want Amiron. They are the best I have ever used.

            • +1

              @Jasonissm: Among the in-depth reviews I watched on YouTube, there were multiple mentions of issues with the Beyerdynamic Lagoon.
              It was described as an incomplete product, with many issues which should have been amended before they went on sale.

              • @thebadmachine: Yeah, most Beyerdynamic products are hit or miss for me, I owned a pair of DT-990's they were okay, didn't really like 770, kinda liked the 880s, but the main standout for me are the DT1990. Kind of makes sense for their first go at an ANC headphone.

                • @Jasonissm: From what I have experienced, I think Beyerdynamic make great headphones with solid build quality,
                  and with their DT line have I heard of them lasting 10+ years and surviving being dropped and sat on etc.
                  They even sell separate components, such as drivers etc and so you can buy straight from them and do DIY repairs to save some money.

                  Regarding the Lagoon, it really does seem to be a ‘joint effort’ rather than a in-house Beyerdynamic design. The headphone itself is probably sourced from somewhere else, and Beyerdynamic provided just the drivers or just did the tuning (sound-signature).
                  A hesitant contribution to the wireless market IMO.

                  For the price they are asking $599 its a hard pass, I would rather the Audeze Mobius at the same retail price. The Mobius was reduced to $488 recently. But still too expensive to bite, especially for a wireless headphone with a fixed battery.

  • XM4 might be out this year.

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      This year? At what event? IFA has already past, I was thinking next year IFA.

  • I couldn't find this on the Original Deal's page through searching the Bing Lee Store on eBay
    How did you find them?

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    Been waiting on this to go sub $300 like it has a few sales in the past. When the XM4 releases, generally how much would the retail price drop?

    • +1

      The only people that haven't got these are the ones wating for Black Friday, Christmas sales or the unlucky ones that miss out on these quick sales that are Ozbargained by people buying 7,8,10 units to sell online for a mere $30 profit
      I got tired of waiting and I'd rather use for the 2 extra months I'd have until Black Friday so I bought from a woman who got it from an Airport for $300, sealed and has warranty I believe
      Looking at the miniscule price drop of the Bose QC35ii when the Bose 700 got released, I doubt there would be more than a 10% decrease

      I bought both QC35ii and the Sony just to compare after 1 day of use each

      • +2


      • That's understandable, but I'm in no rush to get them, would just be nice to have them instead of using Apple ear buds. Which did you prefer the Bose or the Sony?

    • XM4 not coming up till at least mid next year. So no point dreaming.

      But rumoured Apple ANC product can be a trigger for a sudden announcement.

  • I just used 10% off at The Good Guys. Can pick them up today. Not the cheapest but good enough for me.

  • +1

    Seems like it's back in stock !

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    I can't understand the hype around this headphones, it's bizarre there are so many buy in bulk of dozens. Good ANC, crap sound and mics, I bought 1 for $310 and returned after 2 weeks. The AKG N700ncm2 (free with note 10/+ pre-order, or ~$200 new, sealed on gumtree) just sounds way better, more balance and much more detail even when the only supported codec is SBC. ANC isn't as good as the class leader but it's still among the better ones, and at mid-volume I can't hear outside noise anyway.

    • +3

      My ears, are not your ears. Not a riddle.

      • +3

        Yeah, sound quality is relative and I'm comparing them against each other. So you have already used both of them, and directly compare to a reference headphone? The Sony simply lack details, I had to focus hard to recognize sounds that are obviously audible when using the AKG.

        • +1

          I have reference headphones, but I only use them when I want accuracy.

          These make me smile when I put them on and that's what you want.

    • I agree with you. Sound quality on the 1000XM3 is just bad.

    • -2

      AKG N700 - 12 google reviews, avg 3.8/5
      WH-1000XM3 - 4404 google reviews, avg 4.7/5

      • N700ncm2 was only released last month though. The reviews don't even talk about this or the old N700 version, they talk about some crappy AKG earbuds.

  • Can you turn noise cancelling off ? I like to be somewhat aware of my surroundings when listening to music in public.

    • Don't have one but I saw a review that says you can from the sony app.

    • Yes, you can either stream in outside sound in from the mics (you can adjust the amount of noise cancelling up to 20 levels) or you can turn off ambient sound control entirely and just use them as non-ANC headphones.

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