Z35P with Gainward GTX 980 Phantom

Hello fellow Ozbargainers

I'm having some issue figuring out what ports I need to be using for optimal outcome.

I recently got the Acer z35p and I understand in order to get the most out of it such as Gsync you should be using the DP input.

My graphics card, which is the Gainward GTX 980 Phantom has the following ports:
3x Mini DP (1.2)
1x Mini Hdmi (2.0)
1x VGA

I have no idea what ports and cable to use.

I was using a mini hdmi to hdmi cable for my previous monitor, I was thinking of jousting getting a hdmi to DP adaptor/dongle for the Z35P, is that the best option or should I be using the Mini DP (1.2)???