Dell Won't Cancel Order

Hi I am trying to cancel a order with dell but they say they will cancel it but never do, they also say it will take up to 10 days for a refund? but I paid with paypal it should be within seconds.

So I tired calling them, live chatting and even emailing but my order is still not cancelled what do i do anyone else have this problem?
Why is it so stressful

Also the laptop has not been sent, I ordered it last night even.

Update: went in live chat again asked whats happening they said ''mary'' will contact me in 24-48 hours??
WHy is it so hard to cancel lol

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    they did the same when I requested to cancel. ended up with the item.


    Just return it after you receive it..I did it with a monitor, they come and collect it from you

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    Ozbargain rule #1: Post advice thread BEFORE contacting seller

    Now we don't know what to comment…


    I ordered it last night

    they said ''mary'' will contact me in 24-48 hours

    OP….your maths is better than mine, would you mind telling me if it has been 24 to 48 hours since last night?

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    You're not entitled to change of mind cancellations. It hasn't been 24-48hrs yet. Why did you buy something you weren't sure about. What do you think we can do for you. Why do you use unnecessary question marks.

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    If you don't have any luck with their redundant customer service, head to their facebook page and state your issue. They seem to be a lot more responsive to negative experiences that are voiced there.

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      Yeah might try after the 48 hours are up and if I get no reply
      Just not used to this type of long refund and stuff. Find it super weird

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        You're not 'used to this type of long refund'? How often do you need to ask for a refund? In 20 years of buying stuff online I've asked for a refund maybe twice (a time when the wrong item was sent and they did not have any stock of the item I had ordered).

        It's people like you who make things more expensive for everybody else.

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          I dont remember ?
          Lol people really just believe anything they want on here.

          normally it takes a day or two not 10 days as said on dell so yeah its weird.


    WHy is it so hard to cancel lol

    Probably they don't have that function built into their admin console :D

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    Dell has a no-questions-asked 15 day return policy. See
    I used it once for a new machine that was just a lemon. fan blew all the time even after replacement. returned it, got a refund (kept the FF points bonus for purchase!!)


      I really would like to buy a Dell but I read so many of negative experiences like yours and I wonder if it's normal for a producer to have so many fails.


        A change of mind refund is not a manufacturer fail.


          True. My post was directed to Marrickvillain who had two lemons in a row from Dell. And from the sheer number of refurbished they offer in their outlet I assume it is frequent to receive lemons. Maybe lack of quality control?

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            And from the sheer number of refurbished they offer in their outlet I assume it is frequent to receive lemons.

            Anything that gets returned ends up in Outlet, even if there's no faults found, there's also "As New" units on there as well.

            Great for OzBargainers like me who know what they're looking for
            I've bought 7 latitudes 7000 series for my friends and family so far from the Dell Outlet (Latitude 7390, 3 x Latitude 7390 2-in-1 , 3 x Latitude 7400 2-in-1, only one was a lemon (1 x 7390 2-in-1) and pretty much the entire thing got replaced by an onsite technician after misdiagnosis (Next Business Day Onsite warranty)
            The other Latitudes are all brand new

            Maybe lack of quality control?

            There's also lots of "Wrong product ordered" comments back when they had a spreadsheet you could request before the Dell Factory Outlet changed from the MSY PartsList-style into a more consumer friendly (but less pro-sumer friendly) format of displaying the items that you wanted to get.

            Thing is, for anything that had a custom part ordered (bigger harddrive, more ram..) they can no longer sell that unit "As New", they have to sell it as a "Refurbished" item which is awesome for us bargain hunters.

            Beware of Refurbished 2 - there's a guide on Whirlpool to buying Dell Outlet items

            To the OP:
            Just reject the order from the courier if they end up sending it to you so it gets sent back to them


    I should have been clearer. The fan was replaced, not the whole machine. But there was clearly something wrong with the machine, or it was just a terrible PC.

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