2018/19 Subaru Impreza-S Or a 2019 Kia Cerato GT

Im in the market for a new car and stuck between the two options above.
I have driven both and need a third party to break the tie

I travel Approx. 50,000 Km's a year for work so comfort and economy are big for me. (currently cant hear people over the road noise on bluetooth hands free.

Impreza -
I think the ride comfort and cabin are slightly better over the Kia
Engine is weaker (subjectively)
Service intervals and warranty are behind the KIA

Kia -
More lively than than Impreza
Heated and cooled seats (no sunroof)
slightly better fuel economy

both priced around the 30/32K mark and have pretty much the same features.

Upgrading from a 06' Forester XT Luxury so im not sure if im being brand snobbish.
and if anyone has one of these i'd love your feedback.

Thanks for reading.

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    Impreza S (hatch)
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    Cerato GT (hatch)


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    Test drove both earlier in the year and we went for the impreza. Couldn't tell much of a difference in engine in city driving but that could be different in long drives. The key for us was the comfort and cabin which was in our opinion significantly better in the Impreza-S.

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    Not listed, active and passive safety of AWD, take that for granted until you things go pear shaped


      true. do you think there is nay difference between the active safety systems between both cars?

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        Its mandatory by law for cars to have some kind of electronic stability control, so both will have electronic brake distribution as a form of stability control.

        However its more the AWD providing heaps of traction, high speed around the bend on wet at night car still be stable. FWD doesn't have the stability. I have a FWD daily and weekend AWD. Even around my work in there is a corner here where there is a crack right across the road in the middle of a bend, even at 50kph FWD will slide and I have to correct. AWD no correction or slide. In the wet its unsettling and this is only 50kph in the FWD.

        BUTTTTT if you factor in Subaru eyesight, massive difference, well worth the price. This will save your ass but also make driving much safer and less stressful. Auto braking is lifesaver. I dont have eyesight in my STI but have the rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring. Save my ass a few times.


        Test drive both and see, take it on crappy roads. Subaru city here in Sydney were nice enough to give me an overnight test drive so I can test the car on my daily route. I got cut up a few times and the car automatically braked for me. Also adaptive cruise control is great too.

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    Service intervals and warranty are behind the KIA

    Are they? It looks like the GT has 10,000km intervals yeah? It has the 1.6T engine?


    1 Year or 10,000 km $282.00
    2 Years or 20,000 km $476.00
    3 Years or 30,000 km $346.00
    4 Years or 40,000 km $630.00
    5 Years or 50,000 km $317.00
    6 Years or 60,000 km $604.00
    7 Years or 70,000 km $640.00

    = $3295 over 70,000km, or $2655 over 60,000km


    'A' Service 12,500kms or 12 months $350.25
    'B' Service 25,000kms or 24 months $588.31
    'C' Service 37,500kms or 36 months $350.25
    ā€˜Dā€™ Service 50,000kms or 48months $763.97
    ā€˜Eā€™ Service 62,500kms or 60months $354.86

    = $2407.64 over 62,500km


      Thanks for the info Spaceback, nice to see a Toyota Salesmen doing some great research.
      Would love a RAV 4 but the 'bang for your buck' isn't there for me.

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        Camry hybrid Ascent Sport would be a good option for around $36k. Servicing would be $975 for the first 75,000km and only 15,000km intervals

        Just sayin ;)

        Even the standard 2.0L Cerato has servicing every 15,000km, up to 105,000km. For someone doing the mileage like you, this might be a compromise you'd want to take. 10,000km servicing would mean a service every 10 weeks or so, vs every 15 weeks or so for the 2.0L

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      Upvote this man!! Nowww

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    The Kia uses Michelin pilot sports, unnecessarily agressive tyres for such a car. You'll probably have to change tyres sooner compared to the Subaru, so consider the accelerated expenses.


    Do you do a lot of city driving?

    Corolla Hybrid and option?


    Test drove both over the weekend again.
    I'm leaning towards to Impreza due to the comfort and cabin over the Kia - it feels alot more grounded and the cabin has a better standard of finish.
    Whilst the Kia is quicker - it's not that much quicker than the impreza (to me anyway) and the fake engine noise is needless.
    I do really like the cooled seats in the kia though.

    For an FYI - Kia offered for a White GT Hatch - $31,500 or $500 Extra for any other color drive away(no Extras).
    Havn't started haggling with Subaru yet.

    Will keep you posted.

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    I have that exact same impreza.
    Please note that the stated city fuel economy is incorrect, you will likely get 11L/100+, though on the other hand I can beat its official highway rating. So if you're doing 50,000km a year you might want to check this. I've never gotten more than 700km out of the imprezas 50L tank.
    It's also very underwhelming when climbing hills, it gets to you after a while.

    OTOH everything else is great. Really safe, really comfy seats, good handling, looks OK, has all the latest safety tech etc. AWD is really handy when it rains too. It's also surprisingly spacious.


      Thanks for the info Levathian,
      I'll be mostly highway so hopefully it'll be less for me.

      How are you finding the safety tech? - is the lane keep assist annoying?

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        Lane keep assist is good. I leave it turned on. It gently helps turn the steering wheel and if you let go and the car drifts out of the lane, it will turn the car back into the lane. I don't think it's annoying but it's mostly designed for bad drivers imo.

        The S also has emergency braking both forward and when reversing which works a treat. Detects pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars. The braking can be quite sudden and violent too depending.
        Do beware though that because the forward AEB uses a camera, if you drive towards the sun or if it's too glary this will automatically turn off.

        It also has a blind spot monitor (there are lights on the mirror) and rear cross traffic alert—both features work well and useful when you need them. Pretty much all the safety kit on this car works seamlessly, Subaru have been using this tech longer than most other car manufacturers.


    Ended up picking the impreza hatch - found a 18' Demo from Syd - 26K (matts/roof racks) in dark grey with 6000km
    Pretty happy as dealer demos have been up around 28/29K.
    feel free to ask any questions.

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