Making your own face mask

Does anyone make their own skin face mask?

I heard egg white is great , anyone use egg whites for skin problems?

Also what is the best treatment for nose blackheads, I have been using those pore strips that you rip off but the doctor told me they cause " holes" in the nose and lead to scarring

Interested in only natural face skin recipes if u make them yourself

Cucumber slices for dark eyes?

Whats great naturally for dry skin especially around the eyes?

I suffer from ezcema and itchiness around the eyes and despite using cortisone creams can never get it better


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    Are you male ?

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    Gender neutral


    activated charcoal is great

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    As a guy I use this
    Works like a treat! Removes all the excess oil within minutes and costs less than $20 (I usually stock up for the whole year when it is a catalogue special)

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      great if you want to look like a dessicated husk while you're not even 30, aka the Rupert Murdoch makeover


    Have you tried coconut oil and glycerine for dry skin?

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    this sort of face mask?

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    For nose blackheads simply washing my face twice a day, everyday, with a PH neutral cleanser or soap such as Dove Beauty Bar has worked for me but ymmv.

    After applying the cleanser to your face use your fingertips to very lightly rub all parts of your face except around your eyes. Either don't touch the skin around your eyes or just dab cleanser on the area without rubbing it and rinse it off.

    If you do make your own skin products make sure they're ph neutral to avoid drying out skin. It's an easy process.

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      I'm with Diji1, just buy products. don't use egg whites or other home remedys.


    The holes the Dr is referring to are called pores and he sounds like he hasn't a clue.

    A blackhead is a pore blocked with sebum that has started to oxidise (the black part). All you can do is prep the skin to soften the sebum, squeeze it out without damaging the skin and then cleanse and close the pore. Sometimes you have to probe the pore to release the zit.

    Maybe try a beautician for a facial every 3 months. Get a cheap one off groupon.

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      What a patient retells is often not what the doctor has said.

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        Couldn't agree more.
        When my parents were alive I would occasionally get the opportunity to visit the doctor with them. "Selective hearing" doesn't even come close to what was happening.

        My GF (Sydney based) is currently dealing with the same issue with her 81yo mother on the Gold Coast. An extremely edited and selectively chosen array of "fact". She seems to take more advice from "Joyce at the bowling club" than her doctor.


    I usually like oat and banana, something like this:

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    The Biore nose strips are great!

    Less damage and more effective than manually scraping/digging for blackheads. And theoretically, the more you keep out of your pores the smaller they'll get over time. Certainly no damage or scarring, I've got plenty of that from acne and chickenpox instead.

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    Dermatologists of OzBargain unit…
    Their medical advice will be with you shortly.

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    Wet newspapers.


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    I doubt a homemade face mask would be more effective than cortisone. Ideally, you also want something that has been dematologically tested to avoid exacerbating your symptoms.

    For blackheads, look for a face wash with 2% salicylic acid in it.This should work. Avoid getting it on or around your eye area.

    For dry skin, look for an eye cream which contains Hyaluronic Acid. This, perhaps?

    I am a doctor but not of the medical variety. So this is not a medical advice.

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    Tried asking your boyfriend?
    Although you might have to give him a hand.


    My routine is I exfoliate using AHA masks 2 times a week and a scrub once a week. This keeps the skin actually clean to prevent the sébums forming. I also moisturize my skin well

    to gently get ride of blackheads, I steam my face (best place is in a steam room! Or face over tub of hot water, under a towel at home) to soften the skin and then exfoliate. Then use a clay mask on problem area. Then again, moisturize well.

    I went down the home made route once but never again. It’s messy, you have to buy various ingredients, some aren’t cheap and then then up expiring quickly.

    The pore strip method gives you an immediate sense of satisfaction but it causes more damage and doesnt prevent the cause (sebum). No cream or treatment will “close” the holes/pores left either.

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