Products with Lifetime Warranty

Hi all,

I'm looking to purcahse new kitchen appliances, utensils etc as I'm moving into a new place.

It's got me thinking…if there was ever a time for me to pay a premium to benefit from lifetime warranty, I guess now is it. I'm moving out on my own and ideally I can just buy it once, and it lasts for my kids's kids.

I'm thinking things along the lines of Knives, Crockery, Pans in particular!

Thoughts appreciated!


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  • I can tell you that lifetime warranties are often not worth the paper they are written on. For e.g. pans, you need to follow heating instructions down to the last letter, and they will find any way to get out of it.

    Knives though, some companies will let you mail the knife back to them yearly for a sharpening service, such as Shun

    • I had 2 knives replaced which were 20 years old, no questions asked (Mundial brand).

      Juat had a heap of tupperware replaced with new parts ie: lids etc or if no longer made, latest version thereof. This stuff was upto 30+ years old.

      So yeah, compared to the crap NZ made sistema stuff that's broken within 2 years and clogging up my cupboards. The extra price is worth it.

  • Unlikely you'll pass something on to your kids. Fashion trends change, and even if they were top quality now, your kids won't see them that way or they might want new stuff themselves.
    Hell even these days with Ikea/Kmart stuff, you'd likely go something like that than a 30yo hand-me-down.

    Buy what you can afford, simple as that.

    • ^^^this^^^

      If you've ever had to clean out an old persons place after they have died and tried to give away their furniture, crockery etc. Even Vinnies doesn't want it.

      I think also "Lifetime" has some caveats around the definition. eg: VWs have Lifetime fill on their manual gearboxes and coolant. In reality they mean 6-8 years.

    • Not to mention that for kitchen utensils etc you are likely to still be using them when your kids move out and start fitting out their house. Maybe by the time you are done with it the grandkids will be able to use, but unless it is a timeless design that’s unlikely (or the new generation really gets the idea that buying new stuff is not sustainable).

  • Its also worth noting that "lifetime warranty" in a lot of cases in the fine print is lifetime of the product, or a limit on how long they will warranty it for (eg. 25 years etc). Definitely worth reading up on.

    • ^this. though i have wondered about what happens when you buy a discontinued product being cleared out

    • From recent case of Belkin and ACCC, lifetime warranty now refers to the lifetime of original purchasers.

      Belkin now changing most of those lifetime warranty item to 2 years. Thus if you happen to go across old packaging which says Lifetime, then you are lucky, usually only to powerboards though.

      To OP, bought yesterday Cyclone weed puller with lifetime warranty, if you are not using it for weed, I think you can use it for BBQ.:)

      Ikea bed and certain bed base is 25 years warranty, very long compared with Koala one.

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  • Lifetime warranty = same crap as cheap crap but the business has factored in the projected warranty claims, adjusted the price and also the profit margins to match.

    No one can warrant anything forever. It's simply ridiculous.

  • Cast iron fry pans and pots of almost any brand will last forever.

  • I get all that sort of stuff at op-shops or estate sales, except knives, don't often come across good quality knives.
    If its made it that far should last me a while.

  • I know RAM for computer components are lifetime. I have experienced Adata providing lifetime warranty for USB thumb drives the last time I bought one. Not sure for their other products though.

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    Who's passing down their frying pan and rice-cookers to their kids? Is that even a thing?!