Huawei Mate 30 Series Global Launch: Thoughts and Best Colour?

Hi all,

As many already know the Huawei Mate 30 series was officially launched globally yesterday.

What are Ozbargain's thoughts on it, any features that stood out to you? I tuned into the Huawei Official Youtube livestream yesterday night, and if I had to name something that impressed me the most, it would be the 7680 FPS slomo. That's a lot of FPS.

Many sources such as Ausdroid mention that only the Mate 30 Pro will be coming to Australia at this stage, and it will be available in 2 colours: Matte Black and Space Silver

Also keen to hear what Ozbargain thinks is the best colour of the Mate 30 Pro. Colour comparison here

P.S. Regarding Google, the Australian Mate 30 Pro doesn't come with pre-installed Google Apps but allows consumers to install a Google "Family Bucket". Will confirm as more information becomes available.

Note: I am associated with Mobileciti

Poll Options

  • 6
    Space Silver
  • 1
  • 7
    Emerald Green
  • 2
    Cosmic Purple
  • 3
    Vegan Leather Forest Green
  • 5
    Vegan Leather Orange

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  • -1 vote

    Why they can't hire someone with good English to speak up in the event?
    I'm sure someone born outside China works at Huawei

    • +3 votes


    • +2 votes

      There will be tons of English proficient speakers reviewing this phone on Youtube and Social media in a few days. You will be able to form a clear and concise picture of the performance of this phone from those reviews.

      This is a Global launch of a new phone made by a Chinese company with a Chinese person leading the charge. Why don't you consider learning Chinese so you can see the speaker introducing the phone in Chinese if you are so keen?

      Why should they hire an English speaker just for you?


        I watched the live stream and my initial impression was the english thing too, but then it grew on me. This is a proud Chinese company with a lot to prove, I actually think it would have actually detracted from the event to have some Caucasian guy doing the pitch. The more I watched the more I enjoyed it. It's not Apple launching an American (made-in-China) iPhone product after all.

        • +1 vote

          A Token white guy shilling for a Chinese company is a thing of the past. It just looks fake to hire some guy when wasn't involved with the design and engineering of the phone trying to sell it.

          If you want a great value phone with 5G and bleeding edge specs then consider the Huawei for its own merits, not the person trying to sell it to you.

    • +1 vote

      He even said "Grow your pexxs" at the end… XD


      Do you think someone with better speaking should talk at Tesla events?

  • -2 votes

    It seems there is no need for side-loading google apps. Aptoide was used to load all google apps during the conference by an Italian journalist :)


    I have a mate 20 pro, love the blue. Wish they continued with that. Otherwise silver and black seem logical. Maybe even that forest green. Not sure what it'd feel like though.


    wow we get the two most boringest colours.

  • +2 votes

    What I like (most to least):
    I like that they're pushing the envelope with photography. This is probably the best out there, approaching Point'n'Shoots but many of the things they said were way over-exaggerated and its all going to come out sooner or later when individual reviewers get their hands on it.
    It's the most advanced 5G phone, which doesn't mean jack to almost everyone. But for those that are stupid enough to pay for it, at least its an option.
    They're using a synthetic material (vegan leather) on the back of a few models, which is a much better material to use than glass.
    Everything else seems to be decent quality.

    What I hate (most to least):
    The price, oh lord is that such a stupid price
    It lacks Google Services, which isn't a big deal for tech savvy people, but this is a mainstream device so it is a big deal for normies
    Judging by the design, its super frustrating to use, and overall a fragile unit.
    Again with the gimmicks, notch, and poor speaker performance. Urgh.
    I kind of don't believe them when they say its Android10, its likely to be built using an Android 9 Pie base with their HMS core and their (clunky) EMUI user interface.

    PS: I wonder if the Huawei P40 Pro, which will launch in 4-6 months, will it launch with the Google Services. Or will they be barred for a year, the same way it affected ZTE/North Korea ?


      What's the price?

    • +1 vote

      All future Huawei phones will lack Google until Trump reverses the ruling. It's just a power play in the trade war. When the trade war is resolved, I expect Google services to return. But I don't see that happening anytime soon. I could go on a real rant but I'll bite my tongue. Watch the US economy and 2020 Elections, that's the only hope of a short term solution otherwise this will be a long play.


      • Photography & videography, this is the drawcard but if you don't use video then you really should consider the cheaper P30 Pro. If video is important, this is the phone to get
        because if you only want photos the P30 Pro is a great alternative. Its video performance blow though
      • 5G is over hyped I agree. We just don't have the network and won't for some time, I dare say it's a gimmick for most
      • Vegan leather (gotta laugh) actually makes sense, less glass is a win. Looks like we don't have enough Vegans in Australia to warrant that model though…


      • Price - this will actually make the case for the non-pro version (see prices below)
      • Sound is going to suck but sacrifices had to happen jamming all this tech in, personally I'm not worried
      • 2 colours and among the worst ones at that, really?

      We may see a pre-order GT Watch 2 bundle deal offered too.

      Personally I will be keen to see some 30 Pro vs non-Pro comparisons. I know the differences on paper, and I do love top quality wide angle photography but that $500 odd price difference will sway a lot of people into the cheaper phone. It still retains a lot of the goodness

      €1099 for Mate 30 Pro 4G ($1750 before addon costs)
      €799 for Mate 30 ($1300 AUD before addon costs)


        You can't just convert Euro to AUD. The launch price of Mate 20 pro was €1049 and it's less than $1500 when released in Australia.


          The AUD is weaker now, not saying your wrong but it's a factor.

          Interestingly, the phones will be 300 Euro cheaper in the China domestic market so maybe grey import from there to get this even cheaper.

    • +4 votes

      It lacks Google Services, which isn't a big deal for tech savvy people, but this is a mainstream device so it is a big deal for normies

      It's a big deal for everyone, even techies.

      i've sideloaded many times google services in xiaomi phones and it was never as perfect as stock. Then you have the pricacy issues, you are sideloading unofficial stuff to an ultra expensive flagship.


        The pros outweigh the cons for me. You on the fence or not interested?

        • +1 vote

          I'm not interested without google apps.

          I don't wanna drop more than 1k for a phone that I will have to modify to get basic functionality and risk bugs and instabilities.

  • +4 votes

    No google apps kill this for us in west.

    • -1 vote

      The iOS/Google duopoly is what's killing competition in the West.

      • +4 votes

        eeehhhmmm, Microsoft tried and failed. 3 players are too many

        • +3 votes

          Windows Phone / BlackBerry / Tizen / Bada / WebOS / Firefox OS / Symbian / Maemo / MeeGo / Palm OS all tried.

          People are just ignoring the lessons from history.

  • +1 vote

    The price sent this phone to the morgue and the lack of Android services is the final nail in the coffin. This is DOA in the west.


    If Mate 30 series actually launch in Australia without Google services, I'm pretty sure the price gonna go down fast. Their RRP is a joke considering their current situation. When the price goes down significantly, it might compelling to some people.


    Where can we buy it now?