Zero Waste Bulk Stores in Perth

Flying to Perth and wanted to cook while I stayed there for 2 weeks.

I want to shop sustainably. Any bulk stores and zero waste stores you can recommend? I can Google but hey, I'd want your feedback on prices, service, quality, range etc. Thank yoi


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    Kakulas Brothers in Northbridge (near Yagan Square) are worth a look.


    I want to shop sustainably.

    sustainably (adverb)
    in a way that can be maintained at a certain rate or level.

    Perhaps pace yourself, keep well hydrated, and work your way up to a full shop.

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    There are lots of great zero waste stores in Perth. The one/s you want to visit will probably depend on where you are staying. Kakulas, recommended above, is fabulous and there is also one in Fremantle. I personally really like Replenish in Kalamunda. The Wasteless Pantry in Mundaring is amazing but it is a way out of the metro area. Swansea St markets in Vic Park are really good too.


    I wish supermarkets had bulk areas, I’m sick of all the packaging.

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    As someone else said kakulas in Northbridge is good. Swansea st markets in Victoria Park is where I used to get my fresh produce and they have loose grains/spices. There's also a store in Como called loose produce I think which was pretty good. Byo jar.

    Unfortunately I think the fact of the matter is that in 2 weeks it's hard to plan your meals etc out without any waste. I just lived somewhere for 3 months and when I left I had bulk leftovers (spices, salt, soy sauce etc) which ultimately ended up in the bin.

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    Urban Revolution in Victoria Park is a nice little store selling zero waste items.


      Urban Revolution is absolutely amazing. I think it's important to note that they don't sell food there though.