Charged for SaaS but No Confirmation or Invoice Paid Email

I tried to purchased a subscription of SaaS/cloud software and paid via NAB. The merchant or NAB prompted me to verify OCID and Credit Limit. I provided verification and the payment page directed me to the sales page. Upon checking my bank account, the payment is being processed but I still do not have access to the service.

I called NAB and asked for advice and they forwarded me a Purchase Authorisation Release which can take 10 business days.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? If so do you have any suggestions on why this might have occurred or whether my CC information might be compromised?



    What was the website?


    paid via NAB. The merchant or NAB prompted me to verify OCID and Credit Limit.

    What's OCID? Are you saying you paid by bank deposit (or something other than credit card? For an online purchase…?)

    Scammers like credit limits, it can be use to verify your identity when they call your bank pretending to be you. A legit merchant selling you something would never need to know it.


      It's occurred before.

      On the back of a CC, NAB will have an ID and an OCID. It's for verification if you don't have a security dongle e.g. HSBC

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    Why are you posting on OzBargain? Shouldn't you be emailing SaaS provider?

    I don't see how bank has anything to do with this. Your card has "3D Secure" enabled which is additional security layer to authorize charges. From the point of view of bank, you have personally authorized the payment. They are not concerned whether SaaS provider has delivered the service. You sort it out with SaaS provider.

    Your CC information was not compromised.


      I have emailed the SaaS provider and they've authorized the refund.

      For anyone in the future experiencing a similar issue, the transaction has passed but did not have a customer assigned to it. The customer was not triggered on Stripe and the transaction is refunded once you bring this to the attention of the merchant.

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        Nobody is going to experience this issue in the future. This is very specific bug in the billing system of your SaaS provider where they didn't integrate properly with Stripe.

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