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Monster Energy Drink/Zero Ultra 24x 500ml $39.30 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Usually $45 for this from Amazon. Also on special on Woolworths thus week but Amazon is cheaper, particularly if you have free shipping plus you get cash back. Both sugared and sugar free varieties available.


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    Friends, might be an ok deal but they won't arrive in time for the raid.

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    Good deal for anyone who picked up this deal last year

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    Kyle will be happy thanks


    Got 6 slabs coming tomorrow from Woolworths. $34.71 each, delivered, so Amazon isn't cheaper, at least not here in VIC. Other states, Amazon likely a bit cheaper.

    Anyone actually seen Ultra Paradise 4 packs for sale? Advertised as available and on special at Coles, but only ever seen individual cans and only at some stores.


      $35.70 in WA Woolworths for a carton at $5.95 per 4 pack. Half price.


        My Woolworths said they don't sell as a carton. I think I might need to have a word to them.


          then just by six 4-packs

          the 4 packs at Woolies are around $6 each this week (or till Tuesday), so works out cheaper than this deal


          Mine came as 4 slabs and 12 4 packs. Hey at least that way got 6 bags for my $1. No idea a out Woolworths, but sometimes Coles has a big pile of slabs somewhere if buying in store. 5c cheaper when half price to, but then 5% off ewish for Woolworths.

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    $5 per 4 pack, $30 per carton at spudshed atm, for monster zero.

    $6 per 4 pack for the regular monster.

    yes 500ml, not the 250ml cans.


      Which SpudShed? Has the Monster Zero in a 4 pack? Spearwood just has Ultra and the green one. Love the Zero.


        I got 24 of the zero from jandakot. they only had about 3 of them, but a pallets worth of regular monster.

        I went to thornlie as well, but they didn't have any of the zero flavour.


    Thanks OP, now I can be refreshed while mowing the lawn with my ride on mower on an early Sunday's morning.



    Zero is Currently unavailable. Sugared still available.

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