LittleBits Electronics Kits for Kids - from $15 @ JB Hi-Fi (Click and Collect)


Following mingofmongo's post on the LittleBits Korg Synth Kit, I've been on the lookout for more of these kits. Looks like JB has a bunch of them on discount, with the basic (but still cool) ones starting from $15 (were $79). Unfortunately, most are for click and collect (no shipping) but it might be worth trying your luck at your local JB even if click and collect is not offered. JB Hi-Fi in Blacktown still had a couple of kits over the weekend.

Crawly Creature

Bubble Bot

Night Light

Arcade Game

Also available is the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit for $69, which seems like a pretty good price, based on pricing at other stores.

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    Price match with officeworks as they sell them too


    Good idea!

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    if you have no luck finding these, you can probably get equivalent parts from ebay etc for a few dollars.
    To avoid soldering, use a breadboard. Better, for older kids, start with a $5 Arduino Uno clone.

    Plenty of websites have simple project ideas for kids, so you don't need to know anything before.


      Is there any particular website or product that you can recommend?


        Start with an Arduino Uno clone, under $10 del. Or a starter kit with servos, lcd, and a ton of sensors etc for around $50
        I just buy from ebay. sunnylives, deepenmind, …

        Maybe start on youtube for ideas?

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