National Geographic Deluxe Adventure Set (Bino’s, Telescope, Microscope Kit) $49.98 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Just bought this kit today from Costco Moorabbin doesn’t seem like a sale price but can’t find it cheaper online. Costco membership required. Ages 10+

Microscope 900x magnification
Telescope 50mm 30x and 48x magnification
Compact Binoculars 30mm lenses 4x magnification

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    Any reviews? All I can find are unboxing videos on YouTube.

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      I found the set to be low quality, and almost unusable. I kind of expected the low quality part, given the price point, but with all the cheap plastic parts, nothing seemed to work probably. The microscope's base was too wobbly, I could not use it one bit without holding it down with one hand. Purple fringing and distortion happen with the binoculars. Did not try out the telescope. Again, don't expect too much.