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Raw Cashews for $26.50/kg + Delivery @ Affordable Wholefoods


Our conventional Raw Cashews are on special this week reduced from $30.90 to $26.50/kg. A great saving on a great quality product.

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  • Anyone know how these compare to the Coles branded Cashews at $21/KG?

    • Hi solidice, see comments below.

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    I buy raw cashews for $16 per kilogram

    Raw Cashews for $26.50/kg + Delivery

    reduced from $30.90 to $26.90/kg

    OP are your raw cashews grown in Australia?

    just trying to figure out how $26.50 or $26.90 a kilo is a bargain

      Product of Vietnam

    • Where do you buy 16/kilo from?

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        Aldi, raw cashews
        salted and roaster are a bit more dear

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    Too expensive…

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    Hi everyone,
    As we are a bulk wholefoods store with such a quick turn around direct from our growers and suppliers, our products are top quality in comparison to what you find prepackaged in the bigger supermarket chains. And also to let you know there are many grades of cashew nuts to choose when purchasing from wholesalers. These range from the lowest grade, medium to high and then premium. We assure you that ours are premium only. Hence why this is a bargain.

  • Cheaper grades of cashew nuts = cheaper prices in retail outlets

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      Genuine question here. What factors determine the grade of a cashew?

      • Even if they claim it is top of the range A grade premium etc.. But how do we know. They can say whatever they want. Just go for the woolworths one. Only 22.67/kg everyday price. I doubt you can tell the difference.

        • BTW, Aldi is about $18.7/kg (from Vietnam).

      • Size and Colour

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          What colour and how long are your nuts?

          • @haz: it all goes into your mouth so size does not really matter. Bigger doesnt mean taste better. Anything that is bigger than the average should be avoided as most likely genetically modified.

  • Cashews are my weakness. Weird thing when I was a kid I distinctly remember cashew nuts I had at the market had much more intense flavour than Cashews you get nowadays. This was about 25 years ago.

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      You had younger (better) sensory organs then :)

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        Probably this. But im wondering if it also had something to do with the quality of the cashew nuts. Nowadays you find many places selling cashews from Vietnam. Dont care where it's made just curious how. Keen to try cashews from different places just to see if they taste different.

  • I buy from here regularly, free shipping for $100+ orders. These cashews are bigger than those in supermarkets etc, very nice.…

    Organic Raw Cashew $27/kg
    Raw Premium Cashew $21/kg
    Raw Cashew $19/kg

    Your deal doesn't seem good at all. I buy from this place as it is local to me, but there are even cheaper places.

  • I like my nuts roasted

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    Dontcha wish your cashew was raw like me?

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