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[VIC] M&M's Caramel 40g $0.25ea @ Reject Shop (Bourke Street Mall)


In the Bourke street mall reject shop they have heaps of the 40gram bags of caramel M&Ms for 25cents each. They also had the bigger bag for $1 with heaps of stock. They have a best before of 26th September 2019 on the packs. Not sure if all stores

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The Reject Shop

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  • They were 40 cents or $1.50 for a big bag at Castle Towers NSW (unless the price has changed in the last few days)
    Believe they had a bit more date on them, but could be wrong.

    • They were more expensive.

      The 40g expire in days. The 130g expire in about a month.

      • Ahhh, interesting. Thanks for letting me know.

      • +1

        They do not expire in days. Best before just means quality isn't guaranteed, but no health risks if you eat it after the date. You could probably eat them 4 months later

        • Best before basically just means the chocolate might go white. It's still fine to consume.
          There's a lot of products sold "quick sale - after the best before date but still suitable for consumption" or whatever the sign says at the reject shop.

    • Confirming now there is plenty at Castle Towers NSW small bags @ 25c (best before tomorrow) and large bags with no price (assuming $1)

  • I can't have too many but these are awesome! I'd buy more but I need to save money and to stop gaining weight :(

    • If you are here to save money and lose weight, years of using ozbargain tells me this is not the place for it ;D

      • I'm developing self-control that's for sure :)

        I'd be happier with the 40c

  • Broadway have heaps

  • Looks like the office is getting caramel choc chip cookies next week.