Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality

I experienced proper VR for the first time using an Occulus Rift at a convention and wanted to look into the different/cheaper setups that would still allow me to play games such as Beat Saber. Stumbled across the HP/Microsoft Mixed Reality headset and from my understanding, it is a cheaper VR headset especially in the 2nd hand market. Just wanted to know if anyone has any experience using anything like this (could be HP, Acer, Dell, just any Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset in general) and what your experience was like with it, or if anyone can recommend a VR headset with controllers around the sub $300 mark. Thank you in advance.


  • I have the Lenovo Explorer WMR set. Does it do the job, yes. Is it just plug and play and everything is great, no. I think the Gear VR setup shits all over it in out-of-the-box looks and experience. BUT, the Gear VR will not graphics heavy games that a WMR setup will. Like I have played Arizona Sunshine on my Lenovo, and it is great, but doing all these cool things like playing VR videos and all these cool apps from the Microsoft store requires you put a bit of effort into it.

    Do I regret getting the Lenovo, no, it's cool. It just requires a bit more effort.

    • Just to clarify, when you say "put a bit of effort into it" what do you mean? Thanks

      • As in, with Samsung VR, I use my phone like normal, download a app from the Oculus store, plug the phone into the Gear VR and its just there. The homescreen is all set up, its pretty, it requires zero effort.

        With the WMR set, you have to set the VR headset in Windows, easy. Then download some app and stuff. Hop into the headset, setup the virtual home environment (place things where you want them, etc), use the controllers to move around the home environment. Load the apps and hope they work properly.

        • Ahhh i see. Thank you

          • @Greentea Andy: The simplest way to say it is, (ironically) the Samsung Gear is like an Apple phone, easy to use, looks good. The WMR headsets are like Android, looks really nice is you are happy to spend a bit of time customising it.

  • I'm looking at a 3x sensor setup of Oculus Rift and it's really great but I like the latest stuff and have money to burn so I'll be upgrading this year. If you want a good 2nd hand price feel free to PM me because i'll be looking to sell, with original boxes and etc (Melbourne area unless you like postage)

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