Office/Gaming Chair to Be Used 8+ Hrs a Day

Since working from home, the old cheapest from office works chair of 5+ years is starting to breakdown. Currently spending most of the day in the chair working from home them possibly gaming with friends later at night. I am after an ergonomic chair, doesn't have to be gaming. From the research I have done people are quite happy with the Markus chair from IKEA. Also some votes for the Aeron, however at around ~$500 second hand it starts to get pretty pricey. Does anyone have any other chairs they think should be thrown in for consideration? I would like a mesh chair as it gets pretty hot around our place. Also trying to reduce PU leather where I can so I don't have it falling apart in a few years.

Currently $229 @ Ikea (MARKUS)

or $45 on gumtree if I can get to the gold coast and bring it all the way back.


  • I got my used Aeron for $440 (in perfect condition) and then spent another neat $200 buying a headrest for it (Atlas Headrest). Was it worth it? Definitely.

    Anything less than $500 for a used Aeron is worth it imo. Especially since the RRP is much higher.

    • Trouble is finding a second hand Aeron in/around Brisbane. Nothing as of yet

      • Just give it time. They'll pop up. I usually check facebook marketplace, scumtree and feebay.

      • I waited about 6 months before something came up in Brisbane. Eventually got one for $400.

    • Sh1t that's a great buy!! I might have to keep an eye out for my partner. I bought mine new - don't regret it though! Amazing chair.

  • buro metro

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    Got 2 Mirra chairs (older version Herman miller similar to Aeron) for $120 each, was on ebay from an auction house. Told to pick 2 outta hundreds that were available in many different colours in the warehouse they were stored in, maybe those types of auction sites might have some for you up in brissy?

    Looks like the auction site for your area QLD would be lloyds

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    Don't get a 'gaming' chair.

    • Then you can suggest him a non-gaming chair. He even explicitly said:

      I am after an ergonomic chair, doesn't have to be gaming

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    I love my Aeron, had it for 13.5 years now. Paid $1080 for it new but given I'm in it a minimum of 4 hours 7 days a week that means I've spent at least (and there's been plenty of 8 and even 12+ hour days) of 19,710 hours so it's cost me around 5.5 cents per hour of sitting so far.

  • How tall are you and what do you weigh?

    • 195cm 95kg gym 5 days a week

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        or the other colour.

        I'm 193 and this is almost the only chair I found that actually fitted me.

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        195cm 95kg gym 5 days a week

        Weird flex for a computer chair, but okay

        • 95kg of pure muscle*

        • LMAO ok yeah I see. I was just trying to iterate I am bulky but my center of mass is not a halo around my stomach.

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    Currently spending most of the day in the chair

    I recommend you mix up your posture during the day. Try sitting on the ground, standing up, going for a walk to take a call, etc. Go for a long walk during lunch time and breaks during the day. You'll thank me when you're older.

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    Had the Mirra, hated it. Heavy and clunky, and not that comfy. Only paid $50 for mine and it was in good condition despite being 12 years old. Switched over to Steelcase Leap V2, they go for about $200-$300, it's better but still not perfect. So hard to find a good office chair.

    • I added Slipstick Rollerblade wheels and it definitely improved the ease of movement aspect of the chair, maybe I would've changed if I had to lug around it due to its steel frame.

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    I used to get back pain after sitting in front of computers for 10+ hours every day.
    Over the years I have used (chronologically):
    - $149 Bathurst Chair (Officeworks)
    - $69 Monash Office Chair (Fantastic Furniture)
    - $229 Markus (IKEA)
    - $399 ThunderX3 TGC30 Gaming Chair
    They all gave me back pain after a couple of days.


    The latest one I bought was $297 Professional Ergonomic Extra-Heavy-Duty Mesh Chair Black (Officeworks)
    I've had this for 2 years, no back pain as yet.

    From experience there is no 1 chair that fits all, you have to use them first.

    The most important thing is sitting posture. A good chair will keep your body in proper sitting posture after a long period of time. Bad ones will make your body slouch.

    • Thanks for the detailed response. Anywhere you recommend to try out such chairs? Other than IKEA and Officeworks?

      • IKEA & Officeworks are the ones within my budget and the only ones I know of sorry.
        Your reply just reminded me that that day I was literally testing every single chair at Officeworks from 8PM-10PM after work LOL
        I remember there are high-end chair shops that sell Herman Miller kind of thing, but that's outside my budget.

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    Ergohuman. Done and dusted.

  • If I was spending 8+ hours sitting down on a chair (and had the option of choosing my chair), I would want to spend more than ~$200.

    Invest in something half decent, your body/posture will thank you in the long run.

  • I strongly recommend getting an ergonomic chair of some description, spending that long seated will put a strain on your body. If looks don't matter, I purchased this and have not regretted it for a moment! AFDI certified and highly rated amongst reviewers.

  • Aeron. Bought mine in 2011, still going strong. My lower back pain completely disappeared after changing from an expensive Officeworks chair.

  • I got a mid-range active chair from Bad Backs in Hawthorn, cost around $600 - worth every cent. I too work from home so spend most of the day in the chair. Nil complaints.

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