iPad Pro or MacBook Pro

Hey guys

I've been using my current mac for quite awhile now and thinking of upgrading to either an iPad Pro or Macbook Pro..

No longer a game, main purpose just streaming videos and occasionally work stuff but nothing too serious…

Can't decide if I should get the iPad Pro 12.9 inch or just get a macbook.



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    The iPad is very portable, and much better for media consumption.
    The Mac is streets ahead for office type applications with a real keyboard and trackpad.
    You can consume media on a MacBook, and you can do office on an iPad, but they aren't the strengths.

    If it was me, I would keep your Mac for the occasional office stuff and buy a cheap iPad for video, and save the $1000.

    • thanks mate. fair pts, might just keep my macbook then..bought it 5 yrs ago, so the battery is not very good at the moment..

      so you reckon i should just get a normal ipad not the big pro?

      • If that's all that is wrong, take it back to Apple and pay $190 for a battery replacement.

        • Ohhhhh u can do that!? Thank u!!

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    Has just an iPad Pro for 2 months and ditched the laptop for a Mac mini desktop. Have now bought a MacBook Air because I missed the laptop/trackpad experience. My 2c. iPad is great for couch, bed, travel. But always miss a MacBook. even with iOS13.

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      Agree completely….I have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and had a Surface Laptop 2 as well. I thought to myself 'well I love the iPad so I'm just going to use that.' Sold the Surface Laptop and within a few weeks, was missing the laptop/trackpad experience, being able to angle the screen properly whilst I lay down with the laptop on my stomach (without it being unbalanced and falling off). I need both personally! I use the iPad for all my media needs and the Laptop for anything a bit more focused

  • Agreed. Macbook if you want to do anything other than browse the internet and social media.

    I also loath ipad typing. Just my head in a bad way (looking down) and if I got a bluetooth keyboard and stand …I may as well have got a laptop.

    But more portable as a browsing device.

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