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Huawei Dual Sim G6600D Mobile Unlocked $79 BigW online starts 13/7


Received my latest BigW catalogue and on page 20 they have some 'online' only specials including the Huawei Dual Sim unlocked mobile for only $79 save $20. Good price for one of the very few dual sim phones.

See this link to the Huawei website: http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/productFeatures.do?pin…

This phone isn't 3G, only 2G and supports a range of frequencies (should cover everyone except 3). I am yet to find a genuine dual sim phone that has 3G on both sims!

Great for those who have a work phone and personal phone (maybe get a new job where they are not so stingy on personal calls) or where you might have a special someone in your life that your don't want your wife to know about.

Both sims operate simulataneously, and you can make or receive calls from either sim without turning off etc. It has email and web interface, but i couldn't see them being very special. It isn't Andriod or Windows based. I'm sure no one is flocking to the Huawei App store!

Great phone for the price.

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    This phone was good when it lasted, the right hand hot key started to come off after 2 month of use. Tried to glue it back, but it became hard to press. Otherwise its a very solid phone, a decent imap client, and an on board answering machine.

  • Much better to wait for a 3G dual sim phone, which runs on Android or Windows.

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    It's a good find, but i too would stay clear on this brand and from my own experience (and that in the industry), this and LG phones aren't all that sturdy/durable.

  • http://www.3gdualsim.com.au/specs.html

    Dual-sim 3G capable phone.

      • Viewsonic - not yet released in Australia.

    • mustkill - only supports 3G on sim 1, sim 2 only 2G.

      • Not sure that I get what your point is here. I find it hard to imagine scenarios when you would need data on more than one sim. Not sure it would be worth it for manufacturers to produce phone with 3G on both sims. Plus wouldn't 3G on both sims add a lot to battery drain?

  • As others already mentioned, good price but you get what you pay for…

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    With the number of people that have both work and personal mobiles, it amazes me that more effort hasn't been put in by the phone companies to do dual sim.

    • 2 phones = More money to milk from customers.
      Dual SIM isn't that much of a premium feature considering the sheer number of chinese companies churning these out in China. Also most of the phones designed are primarily targeted for American consumers who don't give a flying flap about dual sim phones.

      • The problem with the Chinese dual sim phones is they are a big unknown, there is no regulatory body making sure that they are safe and meet quality standards. The big mobile companies with good reputations should start making some quality dual sim phones, there will definitely be demand for it.

  • Few days back this phone offered for $ 49. I am pretty sure it was mentioned with few other products from a daily offer. Sorry it was next G

    • There is a Single Sim version of this phone model 6600, not 6600D. The single sim is readily available for $49 on Virgin and probably others.

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