What's going on with porting these days?

Been waiting over 6 days now for a port to complete (Lebara -> Telstra). Signed up for the $500 off Iphone deal last week. Good Guys cant tell me anything other than they have called to escalate the issue. From what i'm reading here on ozb it looks like there are lots of people stuck in porting purgatory at the moment.

Spoke to Telstra's Mobile Porting Team who basically told me there was nothing they could do and no ETA. They even tell me there is currently one customer who has been waiting since the 1st of the month. Is this a Telstra issue or happening to all carriers at the moment?

Can anyone share how long it's taken them and if you know a way to expedite the process?

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  • Had trouble porting from jeenee to boost for two services…

    • How long did it end up taking for you?

      • 3 days for the first one because I hassled them relentlessly. Gave up on the second one.

  • Voda to circle was 15 minutes

    • 15 minutes also for:
      - Spintel (Optus) to Kogan (Vodafone)
      - Telstra to Amaysim (Optus)

      This was on Monday & Tuesday.

    • Does Optus or its resellers request code verification now? Or it can be done through internet on a webpage if the numbers is out of credits?

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    Did you receive the sms with a code?

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      ^This. I didn’t realise I had to keep the old sim in so that I could receive the code. After entering the code it was really fast.

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        New industry regulation

        • I ported a number this week, did not have to enter any code. It just ported on its own in 20 minutes.

  • Ported 2 numbers from Kogan (Voda network) to Boost (Telstra) yesterday.
    One completed in 15 mins.
    One took a full 24hrs but went through eventually.
    I'd say speak to Telstra but you've already done that..

  • Spintel to boost/telstra only a couple weeks ago, rang boost/telstra to complain the next day and done in about 4 hrs after that. Gf exactly the same thing. Both ported our numbers.

  • Telstra prepaid to Vodafone prepaid less than 4 hrs last week.
    Vodafone sent an SMS with a code to confirm porting to which i had to reply from my existing number but my Telstra prepaid had expired and I couldn’t reply, so had to call Vodafone and they manually processed it.

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    but op, if you want to pm your number i can look into it..

    • PM'ed Thank you.

      • Too late, you’ll have to wait until Monday now

  • Ported from Telstra to OVO last night - almost instantaneous. Then discovered that the phone that I thought was unlocked was indeed locked. Now waiting for Telstra to get back to me about unlocking it…

  • Spoke to Telstra again, they said there is some kind of system outage that is holding up many numbers, @supasalyan . PMed.

    I did reply back to the SMS message asking to confirm the port. Still no luck :/

  • So which providers need to send sms confirmation to get port done? I heard Kogan is one of them.

    • Telstra and Woolworth mobile verification can be done online so zero credit on the SIM or expired one is fine. You just need to keep the SIM to receive SMS.

      Not sure about Optus and its resellers.

  • Started my port with Telstra last week from an Optus still waiting to move.

    • To add further annoyance to the matter, I signed up via the JB HIFI deal.

      The Telstra person I spoke with yesterday cancelled that contract and decided to port me to another plan (no clue what plan) even after telling them not to.

      So now I'm still waiting to port to Telstra, and I'm not eligible for the JB HiFI deal.

      • To update anyone else having this issue.

        My number is still not ported over to Telstra yet.

  • Bloody hell going from Kogan to Boost. Given the text message to approve porting and still have not been approved been 3 days now.
    Had to call up Boost to find out that it failed and they had to manually redo the porting process and also escalate the case.
    Now this being the 4th day and still stuck with Kogan wth is going on

    • @omgilia - Any update on your port?

      I'm getting close to 3 weeks no port or text.

      I keep getting emails from Telstra about my plan, but no actual port.

      • Yes I ended up giving up on the live chat and called their portability team on 1800 100 933. Waited 55 minutes to get through and in the end they had to manually do the port for the 3rd time before successfully ported over.

        Now no dramas

  • Im still waiting to port from Aldi to Telstra, its been over a year now, seven complaints now. Maybe the eighth one will do it. Maybe.

    • @lurking4deals - Really?

  • Requested on the 17th of October to switch from Vodafone to Telstra. Still waiting as of today.
    If nothing happens by November 8, an ombudsman will step in.

    • @bellaslope - My casa has been referred and escalated with the TIO.

      Due to the backlog they need up to 6 weeks to review the case, at the end of the day it’s up to Telstra to fix the problem and the TIO can’t force this. They can only facilitate conversation between the two.

      I’ve been waiting since 23rd September if that helps.

      My case manager can’t even do anything, all she does is email IT and has to wait for them. The options are either wait (no timeframe) or cancel and go elsewhere.

      • Geez if you paid through PayPal, aren’t you eligible for a refund? Without service it’s just a chip. Or can you cancel and get a refund?

        There are people like us but at the same time there are people who get their request completed within 4 hours. I don’t understand.

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