Honda CR-V vs Subaru Forester

Hi everyone,
I have now 2 choice to pick for the new car:
1. Honda CR-V VtiS 2WD $36,600 incl tinted, dash cam, 2 yrs free services
2. Subaru forester 2.5i -L S5 - 4WD $38k incl. premium numb plate? 3 yrs free services & free car loan while serving, tinted, dash camera.
Both in 2019 & new. Look for car low maintenance and affordable to run.

Yearly I travelled appr. 25,000 kms.

What should I put for better deal?

Please share your experiences. Thank you


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    How many kms are the free services for? Honda servicing is every 10,000km, Subaru is every 12,500,SPOT...

    Check the fuel economy differences between those. 4.7 vs 7.3-7.4L/100km = 2.7L/100km saving = $4/100km saving = $1,000/yr saving just there based on your 25,000km/yr

    The RAV4 is $40,000. Servicing every 15,000km, capped at $210 for the first 5 services.

    • Its unlimited for 2 yrs services. Same as Forester 3yrs

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        Honda is 30,000km:

        Our Exclusive Service Pack includes Honda Scheduled Servicing for 2 years / up to 30,000km (whichever occurs first). It includes base and adaptive items (as required) as well as unscheduled oil maintenance on turbo engines (as required). Service Pack is transferable on sale of vehicle and can be redeemed at any Authorized Honda Dealer in Australia.

        I can't find Subaru's offer of free servicing online, but I doubt it's unlimited.

        I hope you really know what offers are on the table if you didn't know that fact about the Honda servicing.

        • The dealer offer - service free for 3 yrs

    • What is the servicing interval? 6 months?

      • Its my first time to buy a car. I didnt ask more detail what the servicing? Its annually

        • Normally to keep your warranty you need to do 10000/6 months what ever come first

      • Interval doesn't really matter when OP is doing above average kms.

        OP will do 12,500 in 6 months, so doesn't matter if it's 10,000km/6 months, 12,500km/6 months or 15,000km/12 months, the kms will be hit before the timeframe.

        Unfortunately it would appear that OP didn't realise this

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    I own the crv vti s 2wd my18 paid 35k back in August 2018 plus on road with the 7 year warranty they had running.
    So far it's a sluggish car since it's 1.5 liter turbo, bit gutless but it's the wife's car since we have a baby.
    The service light will illuminate earlier than 10000km, my one came on at about 6.5 to 7k.
    The interior is pretty spot on though, I felt it a good value for money tech wise inside not sure if the newer crv get Honda sense as part of the lower models as the top model was the only one that got it.
    Also tyres since you drive a bit, both run 18s so get a couple quotes as you'll probably need them about 3 years in, sooner with the Subaru

    • Will Honda reduce the value after few year ? Not like camry keep the value stable?

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        I'm keeping my for at least the next 7 years, tell you then.

    • The service light will illuminate earlier than 10000km, my one came on at about 6.5 to 7k.

      Did you service ASAP, or ignore/wait till 10k?

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        Booked it in once it illuminated, was about a year old at that stage, still had to wait about 2 weeks for the service.

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    If you’re looking for low maintenance and affordable to run don’t buy an SUV as they cost more in fuel and maintenance than a normal car

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    HONDA, Had One Never Did Again. Get the subaru.

    • OTOH, I had a Subaru Liberty and was in a Subaru car club and the amount of oil burners and bad engines was above what you would expect.

      Mine Subaru had been in the family since new and was slow, used a lot of fuel and wasn't exceptionally reliable (I've had a better run with VW products).

      We've had 3 Hondas in the family and they've all been good.

      For that money I'd look at a Skoda Karoq

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    Had both a Forester and then a CRV (with a 100 series Landcruiser in between), now drive an Outlander PHEV. Once you've gone EV, there is nothing else.
    I'd get a 2nd hand PHEV if I was spending $35-40k again, before either a Forester or CRV if you normally do short trips around town with occasional longer interstate trips.
    My Forester ate front tyres, and the CRV, well, I'm not a fan of the barn door, or tyre on the door so its good to see they have changed those 2 aspects in the new model.