eBay Buyer with 0 Feedback (eCP address) - Should I be worried?

I just sold $350 headphones on eBay yesterday to a 0 feedback ebay user.

The buyer has already paid via PayPal and the address I'm supposed to send to has "eCP" in it. So apparently that means click and collect??

Since the buyer has already paid via PayPal is there any risk to me in getting scammed somehow? If I send via Registered Post with a signature will that be 100% safe from my end?

I realise everyone has to start out somewhere and we all begin on 0 feedback but any tips or advice going forward is greatly appreciated. I just don't want to be scammed somehow, I'd rather be aware beforehand :)

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    PayPal nearly always side with the Buyer, so expect to lose that money despite any precautions you take.

    Not sure if Click & Collect means their ID gets recorded somewhere, but inevitably you will probably have a claim lodged against you for “Significantly Not as Described”, Google will give you plenty of examples of this.

    You’re better off selling for cash on Gumtree and chancing you’re luck getting mugged than selling on eBay via PayPal these days.

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    sold to 0 buyers before, no issues

  • Just make sure you send to the address listed on ebay. Don't sent do a different address that the buyer has asked to change.

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      You should actually send it to their PayPal address, not eBay.

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    I’ve had a couple 0 feedback buyers, who used click and collect, attempt to scam me; claiming I sent counterfeit items. Only once I explained how much evidence I keep did they drop it.

    One even contacted me from another eBay account, apologising. I guess they then miraculously remembered the password to their proper account after trying to scam with a burner.

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    Collecting negs for correct answer lol .

    Biggest issue by far I've had with 0 buyers is non payment which the OP doesn't have !

    Easy solution for that is instant payment for certain items .

  • I've sold to a few zero feedback buyers.
    Whenever that's happened I've taken pictures - before packing, after packing, and registered post.

    I've also made them send me a copy of their ID to match their details.
    I've had zero issues so far, touch wood.

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    Everyone's got to start somewhere (i.e. with 0 feedback) but my experience with zero feedback buyers is that 90% of the time they will either waste your time by not paying or try to scam you after the item is posted. If you do not want to risk it just refund his payment and relist the item with a note in the description that potential bidders should have at least x+ positive feedback and if not you reserve the right to cancel their bids.

    If you are willing to send the item to this buyer make sure every step of shipping (packaging, address and the item, serial numbers and even dropping it in the postbox, etc.) is recorded in Video. As stated above in most cases eBay/Paypal will side with the buyer so if you have irrefutable evidence it will be hard for them to do so.

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    Actually all the recording of video photo's etc I think is not necessary .

    I would calculated something in the region of 1 in 2,000 sales sent by registered mail might be set up by scammers .

    With that small % especially on registered mail no need to worry if your time important :)

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    I wouldn't risk it.

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    dont send, refund via paypal, open savings account, accept money then transfer money before sending

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    call them on their number listed on the account.
    Just ask them that you wish to verify their address for the purchase.
    See if they give the same details and just see if they sound nervous on the phone or are genuine.

    Its always tricky, but i guess just use your best judgement to how they react to your questions.

    • Problem is this guy doesn't even have a phone number listed and his name is in Chinese characters so I have no idea of his actual name because I can't read Chinese haha

  • Thanks everyone. I can't afford to lose the money even if the risk is low, I don't want to take that gamble… I think I'll refund the money and either sell on Gumtree or repost and state that the buyer must have a x number of positive feedback.

  • I’ve sold to countless folks with 0 feedback. No issues at all so far. The chance of a scam is there, but is quite low.

    Say I am a genuine buyer. if I just made an account just now, and purchased my first item off you, would you say I’m a scammer?

    It’s quite hard to know in this case. I’ll be more worried for more expensive items. As you said, if you send via registered post with a signature, the signature is enough to prove they received it (obviously) and thus they cannot claim for “item not received”.

    Goodluck with your sales :)

  • You can always take a warning and say the item is no longer available or got damaged. I did that once in a similar situation.

  • OP does the transaction went smoothly?

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