Any Predictions on The OnePlus 7 Pro Price Drop?

Now that the OnePlus 7T has arrived with many features of the 7 Pro, do you think we will see a price drop for the 7 Pro in October? Or will it more likely be after the OnePlus 7T Pro is released? I'd like to know what has happened in the past


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    You might see the OnePlus 7 Pro (8GB/256GB) hit the AUD ~$800 mark soon.

    But other then that, not really. The 7t replaces the 7, and is technically inferior to the 7 Pro. We won't be getting a "7t Pro" at least not in the next two months. In late November/December, we might get a luxury-branded version, and that might end up being the "OnePlus 7t Pro MacLaren". Although the 7 Pro is still a hard sell for $800, when considering the Samsung S10e, S10, and S10+ have dropped in price, and even the iPhone Xr is hitting the $900 mark now.

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      There's another OnePlus event scheduled for October 10th in London which pundits believe will be where they unveil a 7T Pro range and mostly mirrors the enhancements of the 7T (updated Snapdragon 855, camera enhancements, faster charging and Android 10 out of the box etc), so OP should have a sense within a few weeks of whether the 7 Pro is likely to see a sharp drop this year.