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[VIC] $1 Mirabella Genio 9W Colour Wi-Fi Bulb @ Coles, Prahran


First post so be gentle…

Went to Coles and noticed they had a half-price sale on Mirabella lightbulbs. No price was on the Genios so thought I'd give them a shot, and they scanned through at $1 each.

This was at Prahran Coles, could be elsewhere as well. I bought the last 3 e27 bulbs.

Edit: there were some b22 left, and plenty of other bulbs on sale at 50% off ranging from downlights, to LED bulbs. All located at the light section.

Edit #2: looks to be VIC wide, was spotted in Malvern as well as per comments

Receipt uploaded as proof. Good luck!

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  • Awesome find! Were they located in the sales area?

  • Good job, Moog, but I'm not sure if it's still a bargain if you brodened the deal yourself!

  • So what's left

  • Don't think they have even been stocking these in our Coles (The Pines Gold Coast). Kmart next has them.

    At that prices I would have bought a few even though they aren't exactly what I need.

  • What. A. Find! Looked online and these are normally $30 each. Went to my local Coles in Malvern and bought 6 of them. I bow deeply in your direction.

  • Thanks I cleared Belmont WA
    fyi. None at East Vic pk

  • These bulbs are a pain. It'd be a disgrace to call it a smart bulb.
    * I own few. The schedules doesn't work as intended.
    * Suddenly turns on and off in the middle of the night
    * Sometimes stays on the whole night
    * Buggy connection between wifi and bulb (bulb sits near router)
    * Most of the time bulb is offline unless I physical turn the switch off and on

    • This is his first post so you really shouldn't neg and you shouldn't anyway one buck for a wifi color change bulb is a good deal regardless of your particular issues.

    • I own one of these and I think they are pretty decent. Bought it for $15 early this year.

      -I don't use schedules so idk.
      -Never ever happened to me.
      -Never happened to me.
      -Haven't experienced that.
      -Yes it shows offline even if it is on occasionally, but not very often.

      Decent enough product for the price I paid, no brainer for a dollar.

    • You might have interference on your 2.4GHz channel. They normally recommend Zigbee based bulbs for such an environment.

      • One issue someone I know had is the wifi Xiaomi versions clogs up wifi bands and interfere. That is why Philips Zigbee and Bluetooth ones are better.

    • I have about a dozen around the house, including the sensors and wall outlets, and integration with google home. I like them, as do the wife and kids.

      Generally it all works fine. I use genio scheduling to turn lights off, but google home to turn them on.
      I have had issues with lights turning on/off in the middle of the night, but sent back for warranty replacement.
      No problem with wifi connection, but neither do I run free ISP router/wifi units.
      If the bulb is offline but the switch is on then there are issues with your wifi and/or units. Mother in law is generally the culprit.

      One thing which is an issue is that these bulbs only run 2.4ghz, so I have to drop my home wifi back to 2.4 only to make them connect, and once connected I can enable dual-band 2.4/5 on the same SSID. YMMV with your own wifi access points.

      I've also got the Toogoo garage door opener which is Tuya compatible (but run it through the Genio app) and it works great.

      • That's the first time I've ever heard of a 2.4ghz only device having trouble connecting to a dual band SSID. Mind if I ask what router you're using?

        • Cisco wireless and routing. A friend had a problem recently with lifx (IIRC) getting steered to 5ghz and then dropping off the network - from the packet captures the device was responding that it was 5ghz capable (at least at a physical layer) but wouldn't connect/pass traffic once it was moved.

          Regardless, I do setup on 2.4, then re-enable 5 and it works fine on the app and through google.

      • My house is kitted with these as well and running dual band.

        When I install them, as I had the same issue because my phone/app connects to the 5 GHz, I use the Genio app, plug the bulb in and put the bulb into Access Point mode, the app finds it and connects it to the Wi-Fi etc.

        After that I don't use the Genio app at all and let Google Home take full control.

    • Are you sure your house isn't just haunted?

  • Will this still be current with new Coles specials starting Wednesday?

  • I have replaced all bulbs in the house with these, along with a few sets of the Genio strip light and a Genio sensor out the front. Very happy works well once you get in the habit of not touching the wall switch. Also notice that Google are now offering a Google home starter kit containing 2 of these bulbs. With reasonable (normal) price point and availability of this brand (Kmart, Woolworths, Mitre 10 and Coles), they may well become the market leader in Au. at $1….you can not loose!

    • Make sure the bulbs are screwed in correctly, if they are loose they will not work.

      Win or lose, these are a great deal at this price, loosely speaking.

  • Anyone tried Sydney?

  • Checked Barkly Square and Union Square. None in stock. Only the Cool White and Warm White, which I can confirm are not on clearance price.

  • +1 vote

    $20 all three types at Heidelberg West.

  • $20 at Central West plaza. No deal…

  • Patterson Lakes has 2 e27 left as of 10 minutes ago - Langwarrin and Carrum Downs have none at all.

  • Nothing at Coles Pinewood VIC

  • Hi Everyone.

    Just went to Coles in Belconnen Canberra and bought x3 B22 Bayonet Colour changing at $1 each, so if there is stock, they should still be $1ea..
    I also checked the normal warm white variant, they scanned at $20.

  • 20$ at the glen 3150

  • Two left at South Lake, WA. $1 marked on shelf.

  • Just went to Coles in Sale, Victoria and bought x3 B22 Bayonet Colour changing at $1 each.

    No price on the shelf but scanned at $1

  • Well that was weird. Coles Somerville has plenty of Genio ES bulbs but only cool white BC bulbs.
    The colour changing/warm ES bulbs scanned at $1
    The cool white BC scanned at $20.

    No labels on the shelves.

    So are we assuming pricing error?
    Or they have some issue so they are clearing them?

    • Ah ooo, didn’t realise the warm white ones were $1, so didn’t bother taking any up to the counter.

      • Hi @MBix, sorry I didn't mean the warm ones were $1, but the combination RGB/Warm ones. The white one I tried scanned at $20.

        • I tried the RGB/Warm ones today and they scanned at $30. Crazy they are different prices at different stores

  • Bought 2 at $1 each. Thanks OP.

  • Awesome stuff. Thanks Moog. Picked up 3 at Coles Doncaster in VIC. There were a couple left at 3pm. There isn't a shelf label with the price so you might be in luck. Call ahead though.

  • This is not pricing error. Just clearance I suppose lynbrook had normal white price ticket marked $1 for Genio colour wifi. Unfortunately all gone before me.

  • Anyone in Perth wanna trade 3x E27 with my 3x B22?

  • Local Cole's had loads of these, but no prices on the shelves. Checked they were $1 and then cleared them out of colour Edison bulbs. Might go back tomorrow and pick up more if someone doesn't get there first.

    Thanks to the op for the pointer.

    By the way you can replace the firmware in these to get rid of the dependence on Mirabella, they are generic Tuya bulbs underneath.

  • Looks like nationwide then. Is it worth editing the title?

    • Scanned all variants in SA Coles, Heaps on shelves but all $30 or $20 each.

      Cadbury popcorn chocolate confirmed at 60c at least.

  • Went back into my local Coles tonight after ignoring the Warm White one's today then reading a comment that apparently they're also on sale, sadly they were all but gone :(

  • No go at Coles Victoria Gardens, Richmond VIC. Scanned as $20.

  • Just phoned Coles in Noranda WA, they found 2 of each of the E27 and B22 (colour changing) in stock for me but then said they’re $30 each because they’re a brand new item apparently!

    P3583506 - E27
    P3583517 - B22

    These are the two product codes I was given, checking two diff stores now in Perth both saying they come in at $30. Are the product codes you guys scored the great price in the same?

    One last ditched attempt :D

    • The E27 is correct, and matches to barcode 9348641008186

      Don't trust any stock levels that say 3.

      Good luck.

      • Wait should these be scanning in at $1 or $30?

        Most stores were saying 3, but when they went and found stock, said they were new stock at $30. Much confuse

  • Brandon Park Vic scanning at $30