Enphase IQ7 or IQ7+, Help Me Decide

I'm about to get solar panels, I have narrowed it down to IQ7 micro inverters.

Option 1:
IQ7 inverter and 26 x 315W panels =8.19kw system and $1000 cheaper

Option 2:
IQ7+ inverter and 24 x 330W panels =7.92kw system and $1000 more expensive

Sales person trying to sell me iq7+ because it's better but at the end of the day I'm getting more energy and saving $1000 with iq7.

Anyone knows bit more about it, why should I get iq7+ smaller system over iq7 bigger system?


  • Think you mean wattage on the panels, not kilowattage. :)

  • Whats the total quote price? I'm also interested in getting solar soon with micro inverters

    • $8290 for IQ7 with 26 Jinko 315w panels
      $9290 for IQ7+ with 24 Jinko 330w panels

      • Thanks, I was hoping the IQ8 would be out by now

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    I have the IQ7 both do exactly the same job the only difference I could see is the IQ7+ is designed to handle higher wattage panels at up to 440W so in essence you are future proofing yourself should you need to replace a panel. Having said that most panels come with a 10 year warranty so you should be fine to continue to use the IQ7 with panels upto 350W. If it was me I would go the IQ7 and 315W panels and save myself the $1000 since the return on investment would be so much longer for the upgraded version.

    • Thank so much for your reply, it's very helpful.
      Do you mind sharing how much peak power you see generating from IQ7? Salesperson says IQ7 limits at 250w and IQ7 at 290W but I don't think we will ever get full panel. Don't think in real world we can get full panel potential.
      My concern was could IQ7 250w with 315W panel be a bottleneck? Can IQ7 limit the energy production from the panel since it MAX out at 250w?

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        I have only had my setup since April this year so yet to experienence its full summer potential. I have 18 x 275w panels so a 4.95KW system and at the moment in Sydney on a good day my daily production is 30Kwh so in the middle of the day each panel might be producing close to 235W. Its really hard to say what each panel is producing at a given point in time as you have to factor in panel orientation, panel degradation, shade, dirt, heat etc as all these will imapct the panels true production. The enphase online portal is pretty good at tracking your usage and production so you can see exactly what is happening in 15 minute increments we are still exporting more than we use during daylight hours which means we could have gone for a smaller system and saved some $$ I think the bottleneck of the inverter is far less important than understanding your daytime usage and sizing the system approiately for the best return on your investment.

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