What Does The Strength Grade Really Mean on Instant Coffee?

A lot of instant coffee brands have grades from one to five or one to ten.

I have Nescafe Gold "smooth" in front of me now at Level 3. Do these grades mean different beans were used? How much caffeine content is in them? Roast grade? How "dark or full bodied" it is? Whatever TF they mean…

What's this grade level all about

and what level would 7-11 coffee be at if it was instant?


  • how "dark or full bodied" it is

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    If 7-11 coffee was instant its grade level would be around seven to eleven.

  • How many bricks it can hold up

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    For International Roast, the higher the strength, the quicker it can eat through concrete

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    Its ability to withstand deflection and deformation.

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    How much black sewerage sludge was used in its production.

    • i feel so relieved and horrified at the same time for choosing lvl 3.

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    how burnt it tastes

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    tells you how much milk and sugar you need to mask the taste

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    The lower levels mean it's sh!t. The higher levels mean it's really sh!t.

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    If it is a score halfway between good and bad, it is trying to convince you to surrender your tastebuds and become a coffee drinker.


  • how many scoops required before u hit the seventh dimension

  • How many cups you can have in a day before you start begging your doctor for a Valium script every fortnight

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