Best Steam Steriliser for Baby Bottles?

Hi all,

Looking for a steam steriliser, can anyone recommend any good ones? Or share your experiences.

No budget, just wanting something reliable and good!



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    Can I offer another school of thought?

    Don't bother sterilising bottles for babies, particularly plastic ones.

    Unless your environment is prone to more bugs, washing with warm soapy water is clean enough.

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    Can use a microwave one front avent


    Can you jsut use a big pot with lid, put a plate on the bottom and put the bottles on top. maybe 200ml of water and steam.


    Alternative is to get a uv steriliser. No hot steam to deal with.

    We have the upang one and it is great. Wash bottles in hot soapy water, rinse and if you have time can air dry and use sterilise function. Or if wet there is a dry/sterilise function.

    You can usually get it at a discount at their stall at the pregnancy child baby expo.


    Personally I found the electric ones a huge pain in the bum. and they take up too much bench space.

    microwave ones were ok.

    best/easiest method was just boil a large pot of water, chuck everything in and let it boil away for 5 mins


    I was gonna get a UV one, but then read that you can stop sterilising after 6 months. Was using a pot for a while and then got given a microwave Avent. Works well and only 2 mins.


    Thanks for all the replies!


    You won't find it here but the best steriliser for busy newborn parents is Panasonic Dsterile.
    Its's using hot air to sterilise, instead of water.
    So bottle is dry and always ready and you don't have to refill water all the time.
    When your children grow up, you can use it to sterilise your dishes or simply use it for dish rack.


    Family members have a UPANG steriliser. It looks like a mini-SMEG classic fridge. I think they spent around $300 for it and are pretty happy with it.