New Michael Bay Action Movie - 6 Underground

This came up in suggestions: New Michael Bay Action Movie Trailer
A Netflix film I think, I thought action films were meant to be best in a cinema though.
The best I can say about it after watching the trailer is
“what the Fast & Furious aspires to be”.

So thought I would do a poll just for fun.
3 options below.
Votes are anonymous so please vote shamelessly.

Poll Options

  • 9
    Looks awesome definitely will pay to watch
  • 11
    Maybe I’ll watch it on a long-day when brain has gotten a bad W10 Update
  • 8
    Set that trash on fire and stop anyone who tries to put it out

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  • Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bay and a metric f💥ck-load of dynamite.

    Did they ask themselves "What would Reynolds write" when putting that in desc?

    • Cast
      Ryan Reynolds as "One"
      Mélanie Laurent as "Two"
      Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as "Three"
      Adria Arjona as "Four"
      Corey Hawkins as "Five"
      Ben Hardy as "Six"


      • ^They really are sucking Ryan's without even crediting anybody else lol

        Mike is a badass and looks to don't care what anybody thinks what he do.

        'Now, listen. I don't need anybody. I don't need a name for this, a named actor.
        “If you don't take this, I'm gonna find an unknown actor and give it to him, because the movie doesn't really need you. But if you take the part, I'll give you 10 per cent of (profits).

        Really kicked Damon's nuts like a bawse.

        Am quite happy our Aussie Worthington got the role - and can't wait for Avatar 2!! (2021 ish)

  • +1

    A Netflix film I think

    You think? It has Netflix in the title and it's at the end of the trailer, and was posted by Netflix's account 😂

    Now if only 6 Underground came out on the big screen, and Joker came out on Netflix…

    • +1

      It says ‘on Netflix’ at the end.
      Thought Netflix exclusives showed ‘Only on Netflix’.
      Also since Skydance logo is next to Netflix logo, thought there is a chance it will show at cinemas (maybe limited theatrical release).

      In all fairness it does say ‘only on Netflix Dec 13’ in the description below video, but maybe that means it comes out on Netflix (streaming) first, then theatrical release?
      If you have a definite answer that would be appreciated.

  • Meh. I just got this weird feeling it’s going to have a little too much “cash in on RR as DP” type of humour in it. It won’t be a bad movie, so I will watch it, but only when I’ve got one of those bad updates going.

    • Or when your Fiat is off the road coz it's broken…again?

      • +1

        Broken "again" would mean that it is "fixed" at some stage, and that just isn't possible. Italian motor vehicles live is a permanent state of broken, ranging from "it's almost fixed" to "I don't even know where to start…"

    • Too much cash in on the Relative Risk of DP ? 😲 #pocumentary

  • It is a shame that he is not part of the upcoming bad boys movie. I did like the first two

  • No wonder Netflix needs to up its fees ;)

  • What's with the over-saturated colours?

  • Hollywood stopped making any good films about a decade ago.

  • : ) Thanks for the reminder, I haven't listened to this for years

    Post Trip Hop morph to Downbeat


    Post UK Garage Downbeat Grime meets Trip Hop in Alley, conceives talented baby

    • I like going back to 90’s music on YouTube once in awhile too.
      Very nostalgic especially the music videos.
      The first link is oddly familiar.

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