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Free - 6 Months Bitdefender Total Security for 5 Devices @ Bitdefender [VPN Required]


Make sure you're using an IP from America when opening the link. If one doesn't work try another server, preferably also from America. I was also able to access the link from a couple of European servers. Chrome seemed to work best.

Edit: You don't need a new account for this.

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  • Remember you will need to create a new account for this.

    In the past, I have been able to use this on my current, existing account - it does not stack but it should set the subscription to 180 days, best to do a few days before the code expires.

    Edit: This is the 2020 version, I have the 2019 version so it may be different

    On a completely different note:
    Opened the URL and entered an email without being connected to a VPN, received code almost immediately

    • Received code or download link for the product?

      • +1

        The email came with a download link which auto-entered the code when you signed up.

        Refer to this on how to use the code with an existing account

  • Thank you, OP.
    I am in Germany at the moment and I got the subscription without VPN. It seems to stack up with the existing account so I did not need a new account.

  • 180 days from existing account and VPN.

  • I followed the steps in the other post to add to my existing acount.
    Copied the code in the address contained in the link in the email
    had vpn set to usa
    logged into bitdefender account
    entered the activation code
    But got the message
    "This code is a promotional code and can't be used to extend your current subscription"

  • Cheers!

  • and this is why I love ozbargain - thanks for the find

  • Thanks

    • Do I need to put in a fake address?

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