Is Reduce Home Loans Reliable?

Is this company reliable?

Rates are really low ATM and think to switch my home loans.

Any advice for refinancing please.


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Reduce Home Loans
Reduce Home Loans


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    I'll give you my personal experience, I've had an application in for 3 months. They've requested the same paperwork 3-4 times.
    This is all after I've paid all their fees. Starting to think I should have gone with TicToc/Athena/UBank


    How big of a hit will my credit score take if I get rejected by Athena and apply with another? Heard they are super strict


    Their rate is cheap when you sign up.
    New loans get better treatment than old loans.
    Bank interface is basic.
    Deposits are not covered by a government guarantee.
    Their products are not really compatible with auctions.

    Been with them for 2 years, considering a refinance to homestar finance


      Deposits are not covered by a government guarantee

      Same with Homestar Finance isn't it?


        Same indeed


    I am with Reduced. If I had the option of refinancing today I would go to Athena or Ubank. Reduced third place. Reduced has higher rates for existing customers. Not as bad as banks but not the best option in my opinion.
    They were a couple of years ago, not anymore in my opinion.