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Free Google Drive Unlimited Storage - University of Southern Queensland Alumni Students Only


SO I just realised today that all USQ Alumni Students have google drive with unlimited storage.

I graduated about 5 years ago and I still have access to all my emails and online storage today.

I called up to see what the longevity of this would be and whether this would be taken away from me at some point,
The IT staff said that it's unlikely that the partnership would end but it isn't likely to end any time soon.

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    Not much of a bargain (just kidding), my university gave me depression with my degree.

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    I am also an alumni - I assume you can't link this to your normal email though (or original resolution photo backup)


      I did this for a long time with my Griffith account. Stored original quality and everything. Worked fine.


    I feel like this isn't worth using compared to free or paid options.

    If you put any substantial amount of storage on there, the admins will notice and can just end your account.

    A real Google Drive unlimited account doesn't have anyone monitoring your files/storage.


      I called up the IT department and they said that there's no real monitoring done to see how much students are using to restrict them.


        No real monitoring done at this point…

        There might be a new IT guy, or a change in department policy, or the graphs in Google Drive showing that someone is using way too much.

        I'm not really seeing the benefit on something you could lose in seconds.

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    Just a heads up, I had a school Google account that had close at the beginning of this year. It had unlimited storage as well.
    When I used the account, I created a shared folder with my main google account and uploaded files using the School account. While the school account is closed, the files (uploaded by the closed school account) are still active on the shared folder and I can still access and download them, not accounting against the storage on my main account.
    This is most likely a Google specific function, so it should work with all Education accounts.
    TL/DR: Upload as much as you want, the files in a shared folder shouldn't disappear even if the account is closed. (or the folder itself)


    All GSuite accounts (other than the no free tier which is no longer available) come with this. That means any school or business using GSuite will give you this benefit, just keep in mind the school/business could disable your account at any time if they wanted to. I'm actually surprised USQ Alumni get to keep their account, usually they get disabled once you graduate as it costs them money to keep them.

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