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LINDEN LUSBCHS16 USB Type C Hub $15.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ eBay The Good Guys


This $19 deal is now even more better ( thanks to Optimus Prime) with free C&C or if you already buying something from TGG.

Enjoy :)

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  • Anyone know if this will work with DEX?

    Oh this just looks like a hub, and not a dock :-(

  • Surely you want a cable to connect a hub with? The usb connection on this seems to be fixed, wouldn't something end up breaking with frequent use?

    • I think its targetted more for laptop owners, especially Macbook Pro which this would attach to the side of…

    • I thought about that too but at least USB C is reversible, so you can put it upside down to not cover you ports, or at least choose which to cover.

      Regarding it breaking, I think it will be fine but YMMV

    • Does anyone have one of these to say if its more convenient like this, than with a cable?

    • I’ve certainly read concerns about this design having issues with flex and concerns about what it’s mean for the ports. Probably ok if you use them at a desk solely, but I wouldn’t want to use this form factor on my lap on a couch.

  • NO description of specs at all on neither the ebay TGG Or TGG site. On the TGG site even one of the reviews is actually for a macbook. Poor form.

  • HDMI or display port would be more useful than the card read slots

  • Im doubting the effectiveness of this as it only plugs into one usb c port for macbook, all the decent ones plug into bithe usb posrts on macbook pro, probably be ok for ipad pro but cant confirm

    • Having to plug into two is a niche because it only fits MacBooks. Plugging into one is fine but you can’t guarantee it’ll charge at PD rates, unless claimed to (why not sell it if you can). I’m looking for one with a cable though just to reduce strain on the port, and maybe even that baseus one with the Apple Watch charger because it’s annoying always having to pack the cable everywhere when I’m going on trips.

  • Might work with OTG for USB-C phones.

  • No in-store stock for all of Melbourne. So it'll be 20.46 total

  • FYI I purchased one of these during the $19 deal as a stop gap for my IPad Pro, thought have found that I cannot charge via the USB c port (no power pass through) when using the adapter, so no good for me.