Woolies vs Coles prices. Are prices at Woolies getting worse?

I am getting a feeling since earlier this year that the prices at Woolies (even with discounted gift cards) are starting to get worse compared to Coles and that the Woolworths Rewards offers are becoming less and less rewarding compared to Flybuys.

Is that the general consensus?

I remember years ago, Coles was always in front with Woolies in the doldrums. Then Woolies struck back and was in front and then Coles Mini Shop Version 1 came along…

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    What's the point of offering us your feelings? Just compare the prices of your preferred products between retailers and see for yourself.


    Facts don't care about your feelings.

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    Oz Bargain wants facts not feelings. Poor Kyle, were not bullying you mate, we just hungry for deals.

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    Arrgghhh… I can only go by what I buy. I'm wondering if the creeping up of Woolies' prices applies to other ppl's baskets too…

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    Hi Kyle, I think you are correct.

    Woolies invested into price significantly a few years ago in order to gain market share back from coles. This appears to have now shifted and they are back to focusing more on profit again, as such the prices are starting to creep back up.

    Source: aisle 3 halfway down on the right.

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    Woolies has always been more expensive, but for a while they were trying to match Coles for price (witness the chickenwar). However, with a truce called in that, they are back to pushing up prices and trying to find a different front to compete on (cost cutting has been the recent one).

    Eventually they might hit on something that works, but it will be more by luck than anything. They don't really seem to understand why anyone comes into their stores, or indeed, why they might come back; and so are as likely to make things worse as better.

    I suppose its sad, but unless they hire some high ups that understand the market their eventual trajectory is set.

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    I feel like I've gotten a little dumber by reading through this thread. Thanks Kyle


    They're about the same in my area (Melbourne)

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    definitely noticed far fewer offers from Woolies. Used to prefer the 4 weeks for so many points as you didn't have to spend the whole amount at once and could spread it out over the week. They did increase the QFF value, but not much good if it takes longer to get it.


      Yes the 4 week offers were usually the best and have disappeared. There were no offers for a few months but have now reappeared in dribs and drabs and the % of discount varies from 10 to 30%.

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    The RBA has lowered interest rates 10+ consecutive times but my grocery prices are still going up. Maybe I'd go shopping at Woolies more and support local jobs if I was earning more interest on my savings.

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