Smallest Spend with Qantas?

I need buy spend something at qantas for my westpac black card to recieve two lounge passes. Any ideas on what's the smallest item I could buy from qantas?

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  • In the past, there was talk of a small carbon offset not sure if that will suffice. Give it a go and try to spend at least $1 just to be safe.

  • Carbon offset worked for me a couple of months ago

  • Any idea for the same thing for virgin? need a small spend to get the economy x upgrades? Looks like virgin have a carbon offset option thats only $2.66 for my upcoming flights, looks like it might work?

    Edit: just tried it - will see how it goes!

    • Where is Virgin's carbon offset purchase section? Do you need a flight to buy the carbon offsets?

      • I logged in to manage my booking like how you do seat selection and there was an option there. Don’t know if you can do it without a flight.

  • buy the cheapest business class ticket and get a refund.