Vypr VPN 50% off ($5 Instead of $9.95/Month) $60 Billed Annually for Current Customers Only


So, this is an unusual offer as far as OzBargain goes, so it may be deleted if it doesn't meet OzBargain requirements.

I have recently subscribed to a second VPN provider (Pure VPN) because of their $0.99/month offer, but I have no need for two VPN providers, so I decided to cancel my Vypr VPN subscription (I have been with them for ages at the full price of $9.95/month, and wanted to see if they would send me a cheaper offer when I cancelled their subscription anyway).

I found out sooner than I expected - as soon as I clicked the button to confirm the cancellation, I was redirected to a page offering me 50% off, if I re-subscribed with them "right now".

So I did, without closing the page with the 50% offer (just in case) but I forgot to copy the internet address of the page I was on, to share with OzBargainers.

I linked to the Vypr Account page where you can cancel your account, and see if you get the same offer.

Ps. Before you can cancel Vypr subscription you have to select a reason why you're leaving - I clicked on "Price".

Then, in the text field where you can add more information, I wrote that I don't need two VPNs, and that I have recently subscribed to Pure VPN for 0.99/month, and because the performance difference isn't big (but it is - Vypr is about twice as fast to Europe, has only 2ms jitter, and shorter ping times, etc) but the price difference is huge, I chose to go with the cheaper option.

Maybe that was the reason it triggered the discount offer.

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    Pretty sure most of us already got NordVPN and SurdShark


      True, but I found Nord to be really slow.

      Out of curiosity how much do you pay?

      Because I think I've seen a good deal when I was going through some VPN ads, but can't think where it was, or how much off it was.

      I think it was a 50% off deal too, but I'm not sure, I can have a look in my browser history if need be.


      Found it.

      It is 70% off for the 3 year plan at $3.49/month.

      2 year plan is 58% off at $4.99/month.

      1 year plan is 41% off at $6.99/month.


      It says 9 hours left, but I think they just repeat it regularly.

      I haven't used Nord for a while so I'm not sure it's a good deal or not.


    What's vypr offer that the others don't?


      I found it has excellent reliability, speed (especially for streaming video/IPTV from Europe), unlocks all services behind geoblocks (eg some VPNs can't get around Hulu's region blocking, but Vypr can).


      So those are the obvious things most people look at when comparing VPNs.

      But I also like Vypr's security and safety features such as (and this is not a full list just some of the things I remember):

      A reliable kill switch.

      Vypr's own DNS servers.

      Proprietary "Chameleon" protocol (with the premium plan) which encrypts all data before it's sent over their VPN network.

      This makes packet inspection impossible, so that ISPs/servers/websites don't even know that you're using a VPN so won't throttle or block your connection (unless they block or throttle all unknown or unrecognised protocols I guess).

      They also have physical access and physical control over all their network infrastructure, such as physical location and site security, servers and storage, maintenance, etc.


      But almost ten bucks, or even five, is a lot of money for a VPN, which is why I was looking at possible alternatives (because it's been a couple of years since I tested and compared several selected VPNs, to see which one was best for me, for what I was going to use it).


        What do you want it for?

        I used dns4me (smart dns, not VPN) which worked for hulu. Ivacy has been pretty good (I got lifetime for under $us30 years ago from stacksocial) as it can split tunnel apps. (E.g. BBC iplayer can use a UK VPN but everything else goes out as normal)


          I use it for streaming live TV from various legal services, and I pay real money for them, so I need a VPN that's obviously not only fast, but one that'll keep my real IP hidden (I've lost access to my paid accounts with other VPNs because they leaked my real IP once, all it takes).

          For that reason I'm weary about splitting the data using a DNS proxy, besides I'm pretty sure Vypr offer that and allows per app or per process tunneling, but it's more complicated than I need.

          Edit. I was going to look at alternatives, but then I'd have to test each VPN/proxy with each device and each service I am going to use it with (not just streaming) and it's a lot of work, so when they offered me 50% I jumped on it, at least I know it will do the job I need.

          Other VPNs or (smart) proxies etc, may do the job, but after wasting years working with PCs, I hate touching a PC now unless I have to.


            @BooYa: The nice thing with a smartdns, you just need to enter the dns settings in your router, then all devices automatically use it (or you can set it up per device). It just uses a proxy for the initial handshaking (or start of show in Netflix), then it uses your normal internet, which means its as fast as you can get. If it works you Can't get simpler, as there's no need to change VPN servers etc, it's really just set & forget.

            What I like about dns4me its an aussie bloke over on whirlpool who set it up, so it tends to fly under the radar, unlike getflix and the like.

            But if you're using mostly European stuff, maybe check out ibvpn.

            Dns4me has a 7day free trial
            Here's the list of supported channels/sites


              @supabrudda: Thanks. I'll check out the trial.

              For setting up VPN on multiple devices I just use a laptop connected to my normal modem using ethernet, then use my laptop with the VPN running as a WiFi hotspot, which I can then connect anything as easy as connecting a new device to wifi.

              Using a laptop as a wifi hotspot has it's pluses and minuses (having to run it to use a VPN is the main negative) this way I avoid having to change router DNS settings.

              Ps. I know what you mean by it "flying under the radar" though ;)

              Whirlpool is a great resource, I wish OzBargain had forums that were just as busy (although Whirlpool took a huge nosedive over the last few years with things such as Twitter taking over a lot of what I'd normally discuss in WhirlPool).


              @supabrudda: Ps. I know there was more to it than that, why I keep a VPN.

              I just remembered that while the proxy might handle the handshaking at the initial connection to services such as Netflix, but it has to be specifically set up in the DNS addresses to do this, but my services are not likely to be on this guys list.

              Also, there could be a problem after connection (eg if the connection times out and Netflix initiates handshaking and authentication in the middle of a video).

              While Vypr (and some other VPNs) stay connected, or shut down all internet access by activating the 'kill switch', if for whatever reason it loses the connection (thus never revealing my true IP address).

              And some of the sites are so strict with bypassing geoblocks that all it takes is for it to detect a foreign IP address on my account and I have to either create new accounts and losing all my data, or jumping through hoops (like calling them from a local number, or worse - they sometimes ask for mobile phone "two step authentication" after detecting a foreign IP address and getting a mobile number from overseas is a pain).


    The trick with Nordvpn is the cashrewards cashback. Was 88% now 60%. I effectively paid US$15 total for 3 years' service.


      Nice, I did actually see a few of these deals, seems like Nord has a lot of sales.

      But unfortunately, where I'm located, and the sites I want to access (European live TV streams in HD) buffered constantly.

      Which is why Nord VPN just wasn't for me, because buffering every few seconds or even few times a minute, used to drive me nuts (and I'm on 100Mbps Telstra non-NBN cable).

      So, for me, I would be wasting money on Nord because it doesn't do what I need it to do, even if it's only $15 for 3 years.

      Those who just want to watch US content will be perfectly fine with Nord, or most paid VPNs really.


        Agreed. It's fine for on demand content but hopeless for live events.
        Surfshark has similar offers but not tried.
        I believe PIA is the way forward.

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