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½ Price Kettle Chilli Chips 175g $2.25 @ Coles

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    Kettle Chilli was my first love. I don't think any other flavour comes close to the enjoyment I get when eating kettle chilli chips.

    • They've changed the flavor though, much less chilli, more other spices and more tangy. But still the best chip ever!!

      • I buy like $10 worth and eat a packet in a sitting with a beer.

        Yeah I know its terrible but the chili is so good.

        Also same price at IGA.

        • Hahaha dw it's all kettles love fest here. I feel bad eating a whole 175g packet in the first half of XYZ episode. If you have tried red Lea chips with the paprika and chicken salt spammed into it, that comes close to the fulfillment kettles chilli provides.

    • Agree, The Aldi Chilli are a close second. I get those when the kettle ones arent on sale.

  • Sweet chilli and sour cream

    No need to thank me

  • Curious is this cheaper (unit price) than the similar ones at Aldi? (Forgot price)

    • Username checks out.

    • Nup , Aldi chips are 200g for the same price so Aldi is still cheaper. However I’ve found that Aldi chips settle too much so you’re left with more crumbs than kettle

      • Here's a little food hack for you:

        Mix the crumbs of the aldi chilli chips into a bowl of migoreng for awesomeness.

  • This chip is probably the crunchiest and hardest among them all, similar to red rock deli. I just feel so annoyed it always gave me an ulcer after eating due to cuts inside the mouth. Anyone else in the same boat?

  • Really disappointed that they have reduced the bag sizes over the years. It went from 200+ > 190 > 180 and now 175 grams in the space of about 3 years.

  • I used to hold the Kettle Chilli chips as equal in flavour to ALDI's chilli chips. Since Kettle has changed the recipe, these new chips are ~50% of the spice Scoville scale. I feel disappointed and alone, as now I only have one source of real chilli chips (ALDI). Why am I so upset? Because I know for a fact (I've worked at the factory that manufactures these chips), that the ALDI may well fall victim to this de-spicing as they are manufactured in the same factory.

  • Why are potato chips more expensive than corn chips? I'm not paying more than $1.80 for a bag of chips.

    So my diet thanks you for making these addictive chips exceed my tight ass threshold.

    P.S. don't you hate it when metro stores don't know the best flavours in each product and only stock the ones that suck? Everybody knows it's Lime and Chili for Mission and the Chili and Sour Cream one for CCs. Everybody.

  • I wish they still made Herbs and Spices or even the Honey Leg Ham.