Gym in Canberra - Cheaper than $14/Week?


I am living in Lyneham and into weightlifting so for me, squat racks are a must. I am now a member of Anytime Fitness and pay $14 per week. Not sure if I can find something cheaper with or without contract.

I am seeking a place nearby Lyneham area or the city. What about the gyms of ANU? I have some friends who work at ANU, can they be helpful?

So, Which gyms would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.


  • You won’t find much for cheaper than $14 per week. I’m not familiar with anytime fitness but Club lime just opened up a new gym in there which is fairly small but nice, or alternatively if Club Lime CISAC (Belconnen) is massive and has plenty of equipment, but also equally busy. Go ask for a walk around of both see if they suit your needs

  • You can usually get a week free as well to try out.

  • That's a pretty good deal - the only thing that will come close is if you can get Club Lime Platinum which occasionally goes on promotion for $15 p/w

  • I'm in the same suburb as you but fortunately my work has a free gym. It's not much chop but I just row and use the lat pulldown machine so it's perfect for me.