This was posted 2 years 3 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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adidas Ultraboost Parley $117.60 (OOS), Ultraboost 19 $127.40 Delivered @ adidas


Greetings everyone, massive thanks to ln28909 for noticing that this code now applies to the outlet, making some awesome prices on these UB shoes :)

Adidas Ultraboost 19 $127.40 Delivered.


Ultra Boost Grey/Solid Green/Shock Green $117.60

All Ultraboosts on sale.

Ultraboost Parley out of stock

As always, enjoy :)

30% off RRP @ adidas Outlet

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  • +5

    Killer price! too bad i got some last sale

  • +2

    Awesome.. Now its the time to buy one.
    Thanks Doweyy as always :)

  • +1

    Is there Ultra-boost then Ultra-boost 2.0 then is ultra boost 19 4.0 or 3.0 or is it something completely different?

    • +7

      There's ultraboost 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 which all look similar with different knit pattern and slightly different knit material, and then there is the ultraboost 19 which looks completely different.

  • +1

    Pulling the trigger on adidas Ultraboost Parley.. Hows this one ? Any advise

    • +9

      I would get 2 sizes. TTS and 1/2 size up. Return the one that doesn't fit.

      • good idea but I guess it should fit.. I am matching my size same as Puma and Asics..
        I was after some suggestion over Parley vs 19

        • +1

          I recommend getting 1/2 size up too. I once got my usual size and it was too small, so I returned it.

        • I just ordered 2 sizes and I am going to return the one that doesn't fit. I got 1/2 size up like other people said in an Ultraboost deal earlier in the year but it was too big so I ended up with no shoe :(

        • i got the Parley purely because I thought the 19's were ugly

    • +2

      Hey, if you haven't pulled the trigger yet I would go half a size up.
      I was wearing ultraboost ST previously and when I got the same size of the parleys it was tighter (fits but on the edge of being uncomfortable)

      • +1

        Thanks guys.. I made 2 orders with 1/2 size up .. :-)

    • +1

      Yeap, definitely get a half size up. Had to return my $108 Ultraboost from last sale because it was too tight width wise.

      • What about the 19's? I thought people said they were TTS. I bought two pairs, one 1/2 size larger. Will probably return one.

  • Thank op!!! got one

  • +3

    Parley? Damn to the depths whatever muttonhead thought up 'parley'!

  • +4

    triple black please for work purpose :(

    • +1

      Triple blacks are never on sale unfortunately. Not in AU anyway

      • last time I bought the pureboost all black for 80 bucks used it for a year now still going good happy to spend 150 for ultraboost lets hope for the best

    • If it’s for work, just claim it on tax?

    • why ultraboost though, plenty of other brands of black runners

      • +1

        the ultraboost are extremely comfortable

  • Are the sizes on the adidas website for US or UK?

  • Must resist! Must resist! Purchasing another pair

  • order got canceled straight after payment

    • what did you buy?

      • +1

        ULTRABOOST 19 got cancelled
        then i ordered a Parley, looks like it went thru, so far

  • Seems almost all of the regular Ultraboosts are already sold out.

  • +2

    I'm here to parley :D
    Anyone else here to parley?

    • +1

      parley gang.
      if i see a whole bunch of people around sydney wearing these, ill know you're an ozbargainer

  • Parley ordered!

  • What's the difference between parley and 19 apart from the recycling thing?

    • There different shoes,

      Parley is there "ultraboost" line while the 19 is there new model.

      Different look, which IMO I prefer the old ultraboost look.

      The new 19 has more padding and is apparently more comfortable and better for running (more boost)

      I would google and have a look at a couple of videos describing the difference.

  • thank you. got 1 pair of ultraboost 19. wife is not going to be happy since my $75 apl techloom phantom from ozbargain/iconic are still going strong. might not wear for a while.

    • Get one for your wife.

      • Get rid off the wife problem solved. Can purchase anything without worrying lol

  • I got the UB19.. they're fitting 1 size smaller than usual. I'm usually a 9 and in these I'm a 10.

    Prime knitting is much tighter, innersoles still suck, the continental soles are good! Overall much better than UB14 but still not a running shoe unless on a treadmill. Super comfy casual shoe.

  • +1

    Why do people like these so much, is it just the style? or performance?

    • +2


      Easily my most comfortable shoe.

      Perfect for everything .

      (also pretty good for running)

  • Far out….
    Bought these Parleys from ENDCLOTHING one month ago for AU$139. Back then adidas AU site did not have these listed

    • i bought 2 (accidentally). both still unworn. urgh.

  • Code not found on ShopBack Adidas page, so I guess this deal is not eligible for ShopBack cashback?

  • Awsome!! Thanks op!

  • Hi all,

    I normally wear a Mens US size 9.

    Interested in buying the Ultraboost Parley but have heard some people buying it half size or 1 size up.

    Since I wear a US size 9, should I go for 9.5 or a 10?


    • 9.5 should be fine

      • Go 1 size. Trust me. The prime knitting is tight, half a size will only give you width. The shoe will feel small as these are running 1 size larger

    • +1

      it's tts if you wanna run in em. if you just wanna wear em for walking/street. up 0.5 might be more comfy actually.

  • +1

    Got one, thanks OP. First pair of UBs, will be good to try them.

  • Is there any all black for sale? I looked can't see unless I'm missing it

    • It’s there, but at full price. Should come up to $168 after the 30% off.

      • Tried it earlier. The triple black is excluded from the discount code.

    • very tempted to add a UB triple black to my shoe cabinet. but i have 3 pairs of unworn ultraboosts and 2 pairs of triple black XPLRS already. urgh.

  • I used two different cards and both refused. Spoke to customer support and they have IT looking into it. Spewing :(

    • I'm having the same issue.

      • Hey mate, I figured it out. When you're typing the card number, make sure you also put the spaces in between the numbers ex 1234 5678.Let me know how you go. Good luck.

    • Just use pay pal?

      • I figured it out. I had to add the spaces when I was typing the card number.

        • Couldn't do spaces on my phone. Worked with PayPal eventually.

  • Stop creating more trash Parley, pls these will be back in the ocean soon

  • damn ofc orca is still my favourite cw and always long gone.

    need mostly black ones as im a dirty mfer.

    very comfortable shoes.

    still cost $3 to make.

  • My 3rd pair in last 2 months :P !!

  • My first pair of UBs!

  • Thanks. Got UB and AB+ Parleys

  • Can someone tell me if these parleys got that padded lateral eva cover close to the fingers? My old adidas (pure mesh) got trashed too quickly.

  • Not many sizes left :/

  • They're rejecting orders - must be out of stock. I got this email immediately after ordering.

    "We are contacting you regarding your recent order from our online store. Unfortunately, we have been advised that there is a stock shortage on the items you have ordered in our warehouse and we will be unable to fulfil your order."

    They successfully billed my account though…adidas will be raking in the interest on my payment until they refund me in "14 days" - that's 15 cents I won't be seeing again :) :)

    • No email here.. ordered 2 pairs of UB19. One men's one female. Size 10 mens and 9.5 female.

  • Looks like Ultraboost Parley already ozbargained

    • +1

      lol everyone is only getting the parley or black UB 19. Every other colour still has plenty of stock:

  • Parley OOS :(

  • I bought 2 pair of parley and going to refund 1. Size 9.5 US. Anyone interested?

  • Size 10 in stock again

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